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Ralf Little heads to Orkney to investigate his grandfather Arthur’s role in one of the most important battles of the Second World War. He also finds an international footballer in the family.
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Death in Paradise's Ralf Little confirms his future on the show

Death in Paradise wrapped up its 11th series last night (February 25), and we already know that a 12th run is on the way. However, this is a show that likes to mix up its main cast every now and then, so it's not a guarantee that everyone will be returning.
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Death in Paradise star admits lack of on-screen chemistry with Ralf Little

Former Death in Paradise star Aude Legastelois-Bidé has admitted she didn't have much on-screen chemistry with Ralf Little. The actress, who played Madeleine Dumas on the hit BBC series for series 8 and 9, overlapped slightly with Little's arrival as DI Neville Parker, though spent most of her time with his predecessor, Ardal O'Hanlon's DI Jack Mooney.

Death in Paradise's Ralf Little reacts to call for Florence spin-off

Death in Paradise spoilers follow. Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has shared his thoughts on Joséphine Jobert's exit from the show. Fans of the police procedural drama recently saw Jobert's character Detective Sergeant Florence Cassell say goodbye to the island, with her final episode airing at the end of January.

Death in Paradise's Ralf Little shares disappointing news

Death in Paradise actor Ralf Little has been forced to reschedule a Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps podcast tour due to the ongoing pandemic. On the road with his co-star Will Mellor, who played Gaz Wilkinson opposite Little's Jonny Keogh, this event features the two buddies kicking back in front of audiences to discuss their time on the cult sitcom.

Death in Paradise's Ralf Little responds to Neville/Florence romance rumours

Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has responded to those Neville Parker and Florence Cassell romance rumours. The respective detective and sergeant have been working together to solve cases in the most recent season of BBC One's Caribbean mystery series, with fans last month predicting a romance between them may be on the cards.

Ralf Little: 'I would be a doctor now if The Royle Family hadn't happened'

You know how sometimes, when you talk to little kids, they look a bit shy and cling to their parents? That’s the opposite of what I was like as a child. I’d be the kid who walked up to people saying: “Good morrow, sir, and how are you this fine day?” My parents would always be apologising to people and telling them: “We don’t know what’s got into him.” I was always precocious and supremely confident, though I have absolutely no idea where I got that from.