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Indian court frees killer of ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi

New Delhi (CNN) — India's top court on Wednesday granted the release of a man convicted of killing former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, 31 years after his imprisonment. The Supreme Court invoked extraordinary powers to release A. G. Perarivalan, his attorney told CNN. Perarivalan was arrested a few...
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AG Perarivalan: India top court frees killer of ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi

India's Supreme Court has ordered the release of one of the men convicted of involvement in the 1991 murder of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. AG Perarivalan had spent over 30 years in jail. In 1998, he was given a death sentence, but it was later commuted. Arrested aged 19,...

Indian court frees Rajiv Gandhi killer from prison after 31 years

A prisoner who was one of several convicted over the assassination of India’s former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi is to be released after 31 years under orders from the country’s Supreme Court.AG Perarivalan has been in jail for 31 years and was 19 years old when he was arrested in 1991. The court on Wednesday ordered his release in response to a plea by the Tamil Nadu state government.The case has highlighted the “humiliations, insult and pain” faced by his mother who has fought for his release for decades.Perarivalan was arrested for buying batteries for a bomb used to assassinate...

Foiled Assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi falsely shared as Beggar accidentally shot dead by SPG… – FactCrescendo

The narrative going viral with the video is false. The SPG did not fire at a beggar but a man named Karamjit Singh who tried to attack Rajiv Gandhi. The SPG did not kill him. A 2-minute video of India’s former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi’s regime at Rajghat is widely circulating on social media. We can see Congress President Sonia Gandhi and many other people with him. Users claim that this video was captured when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India during which a person was shot dead by the Special Protection Group (SPG). It was later revealed that the man shot dead was a beggar.