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Rahm Emanuel turning heads for train travel in Japan

Rahm Emanuel is turning heads for how he sometimes travels in Japan. The former Chicago mayor is now the U.S. Ambassador to Japan and his official embassy twitter account frequently includes pictures of him travelling by train across the country. “Love the really plush seats!” Ambassador Emanuel’s account tweeted on...

Rahm Emanuel and Michelle Obama Relationship: 'The First Lady' Explores

A new series on Showtime, The First Lady, has all the ingredients of a perfect show, but it’s received to mostly tepid reviews. Regardless, the show highlights the experiences of three phenomenal women: Betty Ford, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Obama. We watch as the first ladies, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Gillian Anderson, and Viola Davis, respectively, do their best to make moves in the White House.

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Leaves For Japan Ambassadorship

CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel bid farewell to Chicago, at least for now, as he heads to Japan to serve as the U.S. Ambassador. Saturday morning, Emanuel tweeted a photo of himself and his wife, Amy Rule, as they waved goodbye on their front porch in Ravenswood. “Goodby for now, sweet home Chicago. Tokyo, here we come. So excited,” he wrote. Goodbye for now, sweet home Chicago. Tokyo, here we come. So excited. — Rahm Emanuel (@RahmEmanuel) January 22, 2022 Emanuel begins his ambassadorship as tension is escalating between Japan’s neighbors, North Korea and South Korea, and as relations between the United States and China are more strained than in recent history.

New US ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel calls Japan-U.S. alliance ‘bulwark’ in Indo-Pacific

Rahm Emanuel, who will soon arrive in Japan as the new U.S. ambassador, has expressed his intention to strengthen the bilateral alliance to realize a “free and open Indo-Pacific” through cooperation between the two countries. Regarding the vision of a “free and open Indo-Pacific” that Japan has advocated since 2016, Emanuel said, “It was a way of seeing the region, seeing the alliance and seeing … our North Star, what we’re building towards.” During an interview with The Yomiuri Shimbun in Washington on Wednesday, Emanuel, 62, called the Japan-U.S. alliance a “bulwark in that region.” He acknowledged the alliance is solid, but said, “It has to be strengthened at all times and nurtured for the future.” Emanuel also said the security challenges posed by China and North Korea would be different from those of the past.

Japan should reject Rahm Emanuel appointment as US Ambassador

Japan should reject Rahm Emanuel appointment as US Ambassador. The appointment of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan is a slap in the face of Arab and Muslim Americans by the administration of President Joe Biden. Japan should reject Emanuel’s appointment if they care about human and civil rights, but at least be aware of Emanuel’s racist, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim history.

Nicholas Burns, Rahm Emanuel Become Biden’s Latest Ambassadors

The Biden administration recognizes the treatment of the Uyghurs as a genocide. Career diplomat Nicholas Burns, former Obama chief of staff and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and thirty-nine other prospective diplomats were confirmed to ambassadorships in a late-night Senate session on Saturday. The two were respectively appointed to lead America’s...

Daywatch: Booster shots urged as space in Illinois hospitals hits all-time pandemic low | State falls behind federal waterways goal | Ambassador Rahm Emanuel

Good morning, Chicago. Hundreds of miles south of Chicago in the Gulf of Mexico, a dead zone makes life perilous for aquatic organisms. Illinois is among the top feeders to the oxygen-starved stretch, as nutrients from sewage treatment plants, and farm fertilizer and manure, eventually flow into the Mississippi River. But the state is not only missing bench marks to reduce nutrients, the ...

Rahm Emanuel Fast Facts

Here's a look at former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Mother: Martha (Smulevitz) Emanuel, a psychiatric social worker. Marriage: Amy Rule (1994-present) Education: Sarah Lawrence College, B.A., Liberal Arts, 1981; Northwestern University, M.A. Speech and Communication, 1985. Religion: Jewish. Other Facts. Emanuel's father is Israeli, and his mother is American. Emanuel...
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Rahm Emanuel confirmed as ambassador to Japan in late-night Senate vote

Dec. 19 (UPI) — The U.S. Senate early Saturday confirmed Rahm Emanuel as President Joe Biden‘s pick to serve as ambassador to Japan. Emanuel was confirmed in a late-night session after Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had used Senate rules to block the vote for months. Cruz dropped his opposition in exchange for a vote on legislation related to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, The Hill reported.