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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Reacts to Leaked Roe v. Wade Opinion in Real Time on MSNBC

In her first weekly broadcast on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow reacted to news that SCOTUS is set to overturn Roe v. Wade, effectively criminalizing abortion in many parts of the country, in real time. Maddow was emotional as she talked to a series of guests, including Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin and Politico writer Josh Gerstein, who co-authored the bombshell report with Alexander Ward, about the leaked draft of Justice Samuel Alito's majority opinion, which she insisted poses a grave threat to the country.

Rachel Maddow Will Go Mondays Only on MSNBC

Click here to read the full article. Rachel Maddow doesn’t seem to have much in common with John Oliver. But starting next month, the MSNBC anchor and the HBO comic will offer viewers something similar: a program that analyzes the news just once each week. Starting in May, Maddow will scale back her duties at MSNBC, moving from what had been a five-days-per-week role to hosting only on Mondays, as she revealed to viewers this evening. She is changing her schedule after signing a new pact with NBCUniversal that gives her aegis over a broader range of projects, including podcasts and...

Rachel Maddow announces she's rolling back MSNBC show, will host only Monday nights starting in May

MSNBC star Rachel Maddow returned from her lengthy hiatus to announce that she will officially be rolling back her on-air presence. Following numerous reports that she was looking to scale back from hosting "The Rachel Maddow Show" every weeknight, Maddow confirmed it Monday night, telling viewers she will be hosting Monday through Thursday during the rest of April but then only host on Monday nights beginning in May.

Rachel Maddow Says She’ll Go To Once-A-Week Schedule In May

Click here to read the full article. Rachel Maddow announced that she will go to a weekly schedule, hosting MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show solely on Monday nights starting in May. Rotating hosts will fill in the rest of the week, and there are no immediate plans for a replacement host at this time, according to a network spokesperson. “This might change….We will see how things go, but that is the plan as of now,” Maddow said on her show on Monday, when she returned from a two month hiatus to work on special projects, including a film version of her Bag...

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to Cut Back on Nightly Hosting, Will Go Weekly Beginning in May

MSNBC’s star primetime host is making it official: She is cutting back on her hosting hours. Rachel Maddow returned from an extended hiatus on Monday, but her return to nightly hosting will be short-lived. Maddow said at the top of her program that beginning next month, she will only be hosting her 9 p.m. program on Monday nights. Through the remainder of April, she will host Monday through Thursday.More from The Hollywood ReporterWhite House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in Talks to Join MSNBC'Diamond Hands' Directors on Bringing the Chaos of Wall Street Bets to LifeMSNBC Pivots Streaming Strategy, Will Add TV...

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to start hosting her show just once a week

Change is coming to The Rachel Maddow Show. On Monday night, Maddow started her hit MSNBC show with an announcement: Beginning in May, she will only host her program once a week, on Mondays. Maddow also shared that for the rest of this month, she will host Monday through Thursday. "For big news events, like the lead up to the election, I will be here more than that, but that is the general plan," she said.

Rachel Maddow announces a Mondays-only schedule, starting in May

Maddow returned from her months-long hiatus Monday night by confirming previous reports that she would be scaling back her nightly show to once a week. For the rest of April, Maddow said she will host The Rachel Maddow Show Monday through Thursday. But starting in May, she'll only host on Mondays, with rotating hosts filling in for the rest of the week, including long-time fill-in Ali Velshi. “This might change….We will see how things go, but that is the plan as of now," she said. When Maddow signed a new contract last year, there were multiple reports that she had planned to only host her show once a week while concentrating on other projects. On Monday, Maddow said while she is shifting to a weekly schedule, she doesn't plan to take another long hiatus. “One of the things I realized to my surprise is that I actually don’t need another hiatus," she said. "This one was great. But I think I only needed the one. I still have these other irons in the fire, all these other things I am working on that I want to bring to fruition.” Maddow's viewership has fallen during her hiatus, so it remains to be seen if the once-a-week format can help MSNBC's 9 p.m. ET timeslot for the rest of the week.