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How Rachael Ray Really Feels About Burgers

If you've ever watched old episodes of "30 Minute Meals" or pawed through an issue of "Rachael Ray Magazine" looking for new dinner ideas, there's something you've probably noticed: Rachael Ray has created a lot of burger recipes. Her website offers up more than 60 burger recipes for hungry fans, and the star once even held a "Best Undiscovered Burger Chef" competition (via Popsugar). She's also the author of 2012's "The Book of Burger," which offers "over 300 recipes for burgers, sliders, sides, sloppies, hot dogs, sandwiches, sauces, toppings, and more," per publisher Simon & Schuster.
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The Celebrity Who Considers Rachael Ray A 'Food Inspiration'

There are different reasons someone might consider Rachael Ray "inspirational." In a piece for People that the Food Network star recounts heading to Ukraine and Poland with the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), in order to be of service to those affected by the war with Russia. After documenting her time in an orphanage in Lviv, and bringing over the first-aid kits that were bound for the front lines of battle in Ukraine, the famed foodie explained that while her celebrity status and chosen profession "afforded [her] the luxury of being there in person" to help, she believes that "with heart and soul, anyone can change the world tomorrow."
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How Many Cookbooks Has Rachael Ray Released?

Publishing is a key element to becoming a tenured professor, per the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal. It's also an important part of being a celebrity chef. Once you start cooking up recipes, people start asking if you can share so they can recreate those dishes in their own kitchens. And it seems like everyone has a cookbook these days. From Oprah to Gwyneth Paltrow to Sammy Hagar to Ziggy Marley, there are plenty of cookbooks to buy and keep us busy at the stove (via Eat This, Not That!).

Why There's Tension Between Giada De Laurentiis And Rachael Ray

Ah, what can we say about celebrity chef feuds? Well, to be perfectly honest: While we consider ourselves peace-loving individuals who only wish to devour scrumptious cuisines, there is a part of us that secretly yearns for crispy and juicy conflicts of famous people who cook. And there has been no shortage of clashes to fuel this guilty little pleasure. For example, some of the biggest rivalries in the food world include Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay, and Mario Batali and Guy Fieri. Call it a professional clash or a personal grudge, celebrity chefs take "having a beef" with someone to a new level.

Rachael Ray Reflects On 'Especially Meaningful' Visit To Armenia

Armenia and the Mediterranean diet of dishes unique to this region are inseparable. According to travel blog Wander Lust, the smell of marinated beef, lamb, and pork can be found at local street carts, barbecued on skewers. And then are all those baked dumplings known as manti, along with recipes that use eggplant and tomatoes, traditional dolma — vine leaves filled with rice, spices, and other ingredients — a food that's been around since the Ottoman empire (via Ranelle Kirchner), and, of course, delicious hummus. Armenia offers visitors a rich variety of delicious foods to nosh on, but that wasn't the focus of celebrity cook Rachael Ray's recent trip to the country.

Rachael Ray Visits Ukraine to Help Get Supplies to Displaced Families: 'So Overwhelming'

Rachael Ray is the latest celebrity chef to provide on-the-ground aid in Ukraine. The Food Network star posted a series of Instagram Stories on Sunday from Lviv, Ukraine, documenting displaced Ukrainian families and children taking buses out of the city's train station to neighboring countries. Ray was helping out with Ukraine Friends, an organization that provides life-saving supplies, including Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) around the country.

Vegetable Noodle Bowls | Meatless Monday | Rachael Ray

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The Base Ingredients Rachael Ray Uses When Making Ranch Dressing

People love Rachael Ray for her hearty Italian dishes, such as her pasta carbonara, but she's taught us plenty of cooking tips and tricks through the years. Ray's personality earned her a spot as a cooking show host and a talk show host, and both of her projects centered around doable recipes that amateur chefs could make. In fact, per HuffPost, Ray doesn't even like to refer to herself as a "chef" because she doesn't have any professional culinary training. However, the lack of training might actually help her recipes be more digestible for those who aren't experts in the kitchen — and it's actually made Ray worth a lot over the years.

Chicken Club Panzanella | Rachael Ray

Rach shares another one of her statement salads, which she describes as "a salad that looks and smells so good, when you tell your family it's salad night, they're not going to make a fish face, they're going to smile!" Here, Rach puts an American twist on panzanella, an Italian stale bread and tomato salad. "We're going to mash it up with the idea of a club sandwich," she says. "Instead of turkey (who has time for that when it's getting warm outside?), we're using rotisserie chicken." Toss that with lots of bacon, lettuce, toasted bread, tomatoes and a delicious white balsamic and Dijon dressing, and there won't be a fish face in sight!

Rachael Ray And Her Husband John Cusimano Renamed A Cocktail For Mother's Day

If being known primarily as "Rachael Ray's husband" bums John Cusimano out, he doesn't show it. Cusimano is a lawyer-slash-musician and — while perhaps not as eternally bubbly as the Ray of sunshine herself — certainly has been a steady, positive presence since they married over 16 years ago, according to an interview Ray gave to People magazine last year. "We're very good with giving each other space to work on our passions," the chef said then, of the couple's dynamic and their sense of optimism after the pandemic dealt them one harsh blow after another. Having to figure out the work-from-home dynamic was only the first of many challenges for Ray and Cusimano, who both value their private home life; they also lost their beloved dog, and then their own home to a fire. Add to that the fact that Cusimano was never interested in being on television, and due to Covid-19 Ray was forced to bring her film set home with her each day, and you couldn't blame the pair for being a bit grumpy.

Farro Spaghetti with Kale Pesto and Roasted Sausages with Grapes | Rachael Ray

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms. Rach has been making this sausage recipe for decades. "It's just such a great, easy tray supper," she says, adding...

Sea Bass Fishwich with Tasty Tartar Sauce on Toast Points | Rachael Ray

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial team. We may receive commissions from some links to products on this page. Promotions are subject to availability and retailer terms. "I've done many versions of this dish over the years," says Rach. It's just so easy and satisfying. Here, she...