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WATCH: Taylor Ashton (Feat. Rachael Price), “Alex”

Artist: Taylor Ashton (featuring Rachael Price) Hometown: Brooklyn, New York via Vancouver B.C. In Their Words: “Rachael and I traveled to On Deck Sound Studio in Connecticut to do a streaming show from their live room just after the new year, and before the show started broadcasting we filmed this stripped down version of ‘Alex,’ which is a song on my upcoming EP Romanticize (a companion to my album The Romantic which came out last year). The produced version is lush, with piano, electric guitar, drums, bass clarinet and synths, but I love the way this song feels just stripped down to the skeletal banjo part and the two voices. Rachael and I singing together has definitely been a hallmark of this quarantine time, since we would usually be too busy with our respective schedules to make it work. So the song ‘Alex’ and this stripped-down live video are a record of this time and this silver lining of an otherwise extremely weird year.” — Taylor Ashton.

LISTEN: Taylor Ashton, “Alex” (Featuring Rachael Price)

Artist: Taylor Ashton (Featuring Rachael Price) In Their Words: “’Alex’ is a duet between two people living in a house with a bunch of other housemates and a thriving backyard garden. They’re both named Alex and they haven’t admitted their feelings for each other yet, and I don’t know if they ever will. These characters came to me in a dream, although I recognize in them aspects of myself and people from my past, and I imagine their house as some combination of all the ones I’ve lived in or stayed at over the years. Each time I imagine them, things change: they age forwards and backwards, their gender identities shift, and their reasons for keeping their feelings secret change.