Quavo Causes Barbershop Customer to Lose His Seat So He Can Go First

What Quavo wants, Quavo gets -- and in this case, that would be a haircut ... no matter who's in line in front of him. Check out this video that's now going viral ... it shows the Migos rapper walking into a barbershop with a small crew, and immediately getting the attention of the clipper in chair #1 -- who seems to know Quavo needs a trim and needs it now ... in that exact spot.
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Quavo Refuses to Answer Questions About Migos Breakup – Watch

Speculation about the possible breakup of the Migos has been running rampant and Quavo is remaining mum on the situation. On Thursday afternoon (May 19), just hours after news broke that trouble was afoot among the Atlanta-based group, TMZ caught up with the Georgia rapper outside Los Angeles International Airport. When asked the status of the group, Quavo simply didn't answer the question. When pressed to give fans an update, Quavo contemplated his answer for several seconds but could only muster, "Uh, nah."
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Quavo Dodges Questions About Offset, Migos Break-Up

Quavo and Offset are on the outs again, and this time it means Migos is done as a group -- at least that's the online buzz, and Quavo isn't doing anything to put out that fire. Huncho was at LAX Thursday when a photog asked him about reports the trio...

[WATCH] Quavo Criticizes The Grammys And XXL Magazine Following Kanye West Ban

Even though thousands of supporters petitioned to have Kanye West banned from Coachella and now the Grammy Awards due to his online behavior towards his ex-wife and her new beau, there are still many people, celebrities in particular, who are not necessarily supporting West’s antics. Still, they are condemning the cancel culture when it comes to the music/fashion mogul.

Quavo Says Grammys Don't Matter, Down to Play J. Prince's Concert

Quavo, and presumably Migos, are off the Grammys and onboard with J. Prince's idea to protest the awards by putting on a hip hop concert to compete with it on the same night!!!. We talked to Quavo Wednesday at LAX, and he told us the Grammys don't mean a thing...

Hip-hop vs. the Grammys: Quavo is down to do J. Prince’s concert the same night as the awards show

J. Prince is planning a hip-hop concert on the same night as the Grammys in protest, and Quavo is down with the move. TMZ recently caught up with the Migos rapper at LAX, where he said, “Let’s do it,” to Prince’s idea as well as calling the Grammy’s a “whole old, old language”, saying it “don’t mean a thing anymore”, as well as adding that it’s time to start “Our own awards (show)…that appreciate the real s**t going on in the streets.”