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Football violence: Priti Patel brands hooligans ‘national shame’ as police urge fans ‘reset’ after pandemic

Football needs to “press the reset button”, police say, as they clamp down on disorder after a season marred by rising violence.As the new Premier League season begins, authorities are looking to clamp down on dangerous fan behaviour with banning orders targeting cocaine users and powers to bar people from grounds over flares and fireworks.Priti Patel said the Home Office had been supporting the response by police and the Football Association, extending football banning orders to target cocaine use and the online abuse of players.“Our football teams are the pride of our country, but thugs who cause ugly violence...
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Asim Chaudhry: ‘Rishi Sunak is not representing us. Neither is Priti Patel. They do not have empathy’

Asim Chaudhry is wincing, groaning, recoiling. I haven’t done anything horrible to him – he’s just thinking about the worst impressions he’s heard of Chabuddy G, the comedy creation who stole scenes in the hit BBC mockumentary People Just Do Nothing and earned Chaudhry two Bafta nominations. Chabuddy G is a hugely ambitious yet inept Pakistani entrepreneur who runs several businesses including an internet café, a champagne steam room, and the pirate radio station at the centre of the show, Kurupt FM. Fans love him. And they love to try to be him.“In my opinion, if you do an accent...
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Rwanda ‘not safe enough’ for asylum deal and Priti Patel must reconsider, parliamentary committee says

Priti Patel must reconsider a deal to send asylum seekers to Rwanda because it is not safe enough and may break the law, a parliamentary committee has said.A letter to the home secretary warned that removing people against their will to “another state where they face a real risk of serious human rights abuses” is prohibited under international law.Joanna Cherry QC, chair of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, said: “While we have received mixed reports on the safety of Rwanda, particularly for vulnerable groups, and the adequacy of its asylum system, we are not satisfied that it is...

Government officials told Priti Patel not to do asylum deal with Rwanda, court hears

British officials repeatedly told the government not to strike a deal with Rwanda over asylum seekers, court documents have revealed.Lawyers acting for asylum seekers from countries including Syria and Iraq, as well as charities and Border Force staff, have been sent thousands of documents detailing internal consideration of the policy – which they argue to be unlawful.Documents presented to a High Court hearing on Tuesday said that Rwanda was “initially excluded from the shortlist of potential partner countries for [Priti Patel’s] proposed immigration policy on human rights grounds”. They show that on 10 February 2021, the UK High Commissioner to...

British Home Secretary Priti Patel decides not to run for PM

July 12 (UPI) -- Britain's Home Secretary Priti Patel dropped out of the race to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister on Tuesday in an effort to consolidate her faction of the Conservative Party. Supporters of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Attorney General Suella had tried to persuade Patel to...

Priti Patel rules herself out of Tory leadership contest

Priti Patel has announced she will not be running in the Conservative leadership race, as candidates battle to gather the 20 MPs needed to get their names on the ballot paper. In a statement, the home secretary said that while she was “grateful for the encouragement and support” of colleagues, “I will not be putting my name forward for the ballot of MPs”.

People are celebrating after Priti Patel ruled herself out of Tory leadership race

Last week, Boris Johnson announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party and a contest to fill his job is now under way. In total 11 Tory MPs put their names forward in the leadership race, including the two high-profile MPs who began the ill-fated domino effect of resignations, former chancellor Rishi Sunak and former health secretary Sajid Javid.

Priti Patel will not run in Tory leadership race to replace Boris Johnson

Home Secretary Priti Patel has ruled herself out of the Tory leadership race to replace Boris Johnson after spending days mulling over whether to stand.The minister on the right of the party said she would not be standing just hours before the deadline for the first hurdle of securing nominations from 20 Conservative MPs.She made the announcement after Cabinet allies Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries gave their backing to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as the Brexiteers’ candidate.In a statement, Ms Patel said: “I am grateful for the encouragement and support colleagues and party members have offered me in recent days...