Prince Jackson


Prince Jackson Discusses His Relationship With Siblings Paris and Blanket

Prince Jackson is opening up about the relationship he shares with younger siblings, Paris Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Jackson II. In an interview with Good Morning Britain yesterday (October 28), he said, “When we were growing up, my father would say, ‘We could have nothing, but you look around in this room, your brother, your sister, and me, that’s all you’ll ever have,'” Prince, 24, shared on the daytime show. “And that always stuck with my siblings and I, and we have such a close relationship. Because I’m the oldest, my father would always tell me I have to make sure that the group is taken care of and that I have to kind of be the leader and lead by example. But, after his passing, and us being thrown into the ‘real world,’ my siblings honestly—they picked up the slack that I unfortunately left behind.”

Prince Jackson remembers 'traumatic moment' he watched 'Thriller' for the 1st time

Prince Jackson vividly remembers the first time he sat down with his dad to watch his classic music video for the song “Thriller.”. “That’s a very traumatic moment for me,” he joked with Fox Soul’s “The Mix” this week. “We were very young. We were at Neverland. We watched on the big screen in the theater that we had there. And the moment where he, not the full were(wolf) cap, but in between, the transformation, where he goes, like, ‘Get away,’ the eyes — it just terrified me.

Prince Jackson was traumatised by Thriller video

Prince Jackson was traumatised by the 'Thriller' video the first time he saw it. The iconic music video was released by his late dad Michael in 1983 and became an instant smash hit, and although the King of Pop was delighted to show the clip to his kids, Prince, now 24, Paris, 23, and Bigi, 19, it didn't spark a positive reaction in his eldest child.