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Pope Francis says Canada trip showed he may need to retire

Pope Francis has said that he can no longer travel like he used to because of his strained knee ligaments, saying his week-long Canadian pilgrimage was “a bit of a test” that showed he needed to slow down and one day possibly retire. Speaking to reporters while traveling...

‘It's not a catastrophe’: Pope Francis says he will consider retiring after Canada trip

Pope Francis has announced he is considering retiring after his week-long trip to Canada, saying that changing Pope is “not a catastrophe”.He spoke to the journalists on his flight back to Rome, explaining that the week-long pilgrimage was "a bit of a test" that showed he needed to slow down and one day possibly retire.“It’s not strange. It’s not a catastrophe, you can change the pope", Pope Francis added before leaving Canada.Click here to sign up for our newsletters.

Pope Francis says he may consider retirement, slow pace

July 30 (UPI) -- Pope Francis said Saturday that the door to retirement "is open" and he may consider slowing his pace while calling his recent trip to Canada a "test" of his ability to continue in his role. Francis made his comments to reporters while seated in a wheelchair...

Pope Francis says strain of Canada trip shows he may have to retire

Pope Francis has said that it may be time for him to retire soon due to health concerns, as his trip to Canada concluded on Saturday.At the end of the six-day tour to the country, the 85-year-old pontiff said that he can no longer travel as he used to due to his physical ailments.“It’s not strange. It’s not a catastrophe. You can change the pope,” he said while sitting in an airplane wheelchair during a 45-minute news conference.“I think at my age and with these limitations, I have to save (my energy) to be able to serve the church,...

Cree singer reflects on 'speaking the law' to Pope Francis

TORONTO (Reuters) - A Cree woman who captured global attention with her anguished song before Pope Francis on Monday said she was moved to do so when he donned a gifted feathered headdress without first removing his skullcap - something she saw as disrespectful.

Pope Francis hints at possible retirement

Pope Francis hinted at his possible retirement on the plane ride home from a six day trip to Canada. The Pope said that he can no longer travel like he used to, due to knee problems, and said retirement was a “normal option.”July 30, 2022.

Pope Francis says he must cut down on travel or consider retirement: 'The door is open'

Pope Francis hasn't considered retiring, but after his physical struggles on his latest apostolic journey, the pontiff has made clear he reserves the right to step down. Pope Francis fielded questions from reporters Saturday following his historic visit to Canada to promote fraternity with Catholic indigenous people in the nation. He was forced to conduct the interview from a wheelchair, which he utilized frequently in Canada.