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‘The Misfits’ Review: Pierce Brosnan and Nick Cannon Have No Business in Abu Dhabi

Had “The Misfits” been made 22 years earlier — say, in the sweet spot between James Bond globe-trotter “The World Is Not Enough” and the release of Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” — chances are, audiences would’ve had a pretty good time watching “Die Hard 2” director Renny Harlin’s idea of a cutting-edge heist movie. “The Misfits” stars Pierce Brosnan as one of half a dozen not-so-petty criminals who team up to knock off a for-profit prison in Abu Dhabi, where the guy who built it (Tim Roth) has been stockpiling blood money for terrorists in the form of well-secured gold bars.
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Pierce Brosnan Has Family Night Out With Wife Keely & Tall Actor Son Dylan, 24 — See Photos

Pierce Brosnan and members of his adoring family looked super sweet on Thursday night, as they stepped out to enjoy dinner at a Malibu hot spot. Check out the photos!. Pierce Brosnan proved that he is a father and husband before everything else, when he was spotted out with his beloved wife, Keely, and the couple’s eldest son, Dylan Brosnan, on Thursday, June 10. The 007 alum, 68, and his wife of nearly 30 years, 57, looked so sweet upon arriving to Nobu in Malibu. Pierce looked as dapper as ever, and even acknowledged photographers as they snapped some photos.
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See Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux and Pierce Brosnan in Creepy False Positive Trailer

Ilana Glazer is on a pregnancy journey unlike any other in Hulu's upcoming horror film, False Positive. In the trailer for the film, which dropped Wednesday, the Broad City actress, 34, stars as Lucy, a woman who begins seeking help from a fertility specialist, Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), to get pregnant with her and partner Adrian's (Justin Theroux) first child.

Pierce Brosnan poses at home with 19 year old son on 68th birthday

Pierce Brosnan turned 68 years old over the weekend and his youngest son, Paris, shared a meaningful message in Irish to mark the occasion. Paris, a 19-year-old model, wished his father a happy birthday alongside a collection of pictures of the two looking relaxed at their gorgeous home. His son...
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Pierce Brosnan turned 68 years old on 16 May 2021. Suave, debonair, charismatic and a great actor, Pierce Brosnan has the perfect combination of what makes a true movie star. Brosnan spent the best part of the ’80s and early ’90s alternating between taking the lead in television movies and low budget features and supporting roles on the big screen. This time saw him give great performances in films like Nomads, Mister Johnson, The Deceivers, Taffin, Live Wire and Love Story.

Why We’ll Be Watching “The Misfits” Starring Pierce Brosnan

There are two big reasons why we’ll be watching The Misfits, and they’re named Pierce Brosnan and Julie Chung since both of them are fun to watch given that their acting is definitely good enough to lend a bit of comedy as well as drama to this heist movie. Nick Cannon on the other hand is someone that people are going to be haranguing for a while since comments that he said online concerning people of color and Caucasians, but it’s fair to think enough folks are going to let him be for the duration of the movie. That’s so long as his own acting is on point though. Pierce Brosnan might be getting kind of old, but he’s still more than a little slick and capable of making this movie feel as though he’s going to be the elder statesman teaching the kids that their technological wonders and methods might be great and definitely useful, but his methods are still tried and true. He’s also likely to be the character that has forgotten more about thieving than anyone else on the cast has learned. Tim Roth is bound to play a worthy role in this movie as well since he tends to play a villain very well when he’s given such a role. But overall this movie is going to be a heist, something that needs characters that can fill certain roles that will be needed for the job. Heist movies are usually kind of convoluted since the trick is that betrayal ends up being the name of the game as those that thought they could trust each other are in league with someone else, or are just out to get as much as they can for themselves and will do anything to doublecross their partners. That’s one of the common storylines for movies like this, as is the idea that things will have to take a circuitous route and the team will have to prep for a certain amount of time before they decide to rob whatever it is they’re planning on robbing.

The Misfits Trailer: Pierce Brosnan Is Pulling Off the Heist of the Century

No good deed goes unpunished in this Summer's cinematic heist vehicle, The Misfits, which will see one time James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, staring as a suave and uncatchable criminal, and leading a team of misfit con-artists in a heist for the ages. Like most films premiering in 2021, The Misfits will receive a double release, premiering in theatres on June 11th, and on Digital and On Demand June 15th.

The Misfits (2021 movie) trailer, release date, Pierce Brosnan, Nick Cannon

A band of modern-day Robin Hoods known as “The Misfits” recruit the legendary thief Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan) to help them pull off what could be the heist of the century. The prize: millions in gold bars stashed underneath one of the world’s most secure prisons. Startattle.com – The Misfits 2021.

Poster For Renny Harlin’s Heist Film THE MISFITS Starring Pierce Brosnan

Here’s the poster for Renny Harlin‘s slick looking heist thriller, The Misfits. The mighty Pierce Brosnan leads the cast of the film which also stars Jamie Chung, Tim Roth, Hermione Corfield, Rami Jaber, Mike Angelo and Nick Cannon. Renny Harlin knows how to deliver great action (see Die Hard 2:...