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Philipp Plein Takes Full Control of Billionaire Couture Menswear Brand

Click here to read the full article. MILAN — Philipp Plein is now fully in control of the Billionaire Couture brand and retail and commercial expansion plans are in the pipeline. As a first step, the luxury menswear brand returns to Milan Men’s Fashion Week with a show Friday evening at the Four Seasons Hotel. The last Billionaire show took place in February 2020 at the Presidential Suite of the Principe di Savoia hotel in Milan, the ideal setting for a collection of sleek python trenches, dinner jackets in patterns of golden peacocks, camel cashmere coats with detachable mink shawl collars...
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Philipp Plein to Design Luxury Apartments

Click here to read the full article. PLEIN’S HOME: Philipp Plein has signed an agreement with G Rent SpA to create luxury apartments in Milan and Rome. Until 2035, the brand will have exclusive management of two buildings, of about 32,400 square feet each, in prestigious residential areas in Milan and Rome, but at the moment, there are still no precise locations for the construction of the luxury apartments.More from WWDSportmax Pre-Fall 2022Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Pre-Fall 2022Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2022 The two buildings will be managed with the formula of “luxury serviced apartments,” meaning they will have hotel services such as...
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Fashion Designer Philipp Plein Predicts Jump in Crypto Payments

German fashion designer Philipp Plein, whose online store started accepting cryptocurrencies in August, expects purchases made with digital tokens to surge this year even after a steep drop in prices of such assets. Plein expects purchases using crypto to reach 15 million euros ($15.8 million) to 20 million euros in...

Why Philipp Plein Has Launched A Web 3.0 Concept Store In London And A Metaverse Marketplace Online

Philipp Plein has launched a Web 3.0 crypto concept store on London’s Old Bond Street and a free and independent NFT trading platform online. Whereas many other luxury brands are intent on creating exclusive Metaverse communities of Web 3.0 native Gen-Zers with entry policies often as obtuse as those of an elite U.S. college fraternity, Plein takes a diametrically different approach.

Philipp Plein Opens a Metaverse Universe on London’s Bond Street

Click here to read the full article. LONDON — Philipp Plein is sending a shock down Bond Street with a new lime green “crypto store” that offers prices in alternative digital currencies, an NFT art gallery and a free trading platform for metaverse art. For all those who are clueless, or just confused about NFTs in particular, Plein has the answers. He wants people to understand them — and to have fun with them, too.More from WWDScenes from Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion WeekPhilipp Plein Men's Fall 2022Philipp Plein Pre-Fall 2022 He’s so passionate that he’s hitching complementary NFTs to physical products in the store,...

Philipp Plein Cleared of Homophobia Allegations

Click here to read the full article. MILAN — Philipp Plein has been cleared of homophobia allegations by the New York State Supreme Court. As reported last year, a former manager of Philipp Plein Americas Inc., Amro Alsoleibi, sued the fashion designer and the American arm of his brand in a New York court, claiming he was discriminated against in the workplace and retaliated against, ultimately resulting in his wrongful firing.More from WWDScenes from Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion WeekPhotos of Ariana DeBose's StyleValentino Couture Spring 2022 Now the Supreme Court has ruled that Alsoleibi, who joined the brand in 2018, “used false claims of homophobia to deflect...

German fashion designer Philipp Plein has just bought land on the metaverse for $1.4 million

In what could make the Metaverse more interesting for real estate folks, we have news of luxury designer Philipp Plein’s recent purchase of a plot of land in the 3D virtual reality platform, Decentraland, for $1.4 million. Yes, that’s right! The sale took place using 510,000 Manas which is the platform’s own cryptocurrency. The location, which is now dubbed as the Plein Plaza, covers 65 Decentraland parcels, equivalent of approximately 176,528 square feet.

Help! Philipp Plein Is Colonizing the Metaverse!

We already knew the metaverse is dystopian, but we didn't realize it would get this dark. Philipp Plein, fashion's crown prince of Private Jet Couture, announced that he blew $1.4 million on a plot of land in Decentraland, a browser-based metaverse world that deals in a cryptocurrency called MANA. According...