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‘Jane’: Alfonso Cuarón Developing New Movie For Amazon About Philip K. Dick, Charlize Theron To Star

What’s Alfonso Cuarón been up to since his 2018 Netflix film “Roma“? Well, he’s working on his Apple TV+ thriller series “Disclaimer” at the moment, about a TV journalist who discovers that a book that features her as a character also reveals a secret she’s tried to keep hidden. That sounds excellent, especially with Cate Blanchett, Kevin Kline, and Sacha Baron Cohen starring.
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Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón Set for 'Jane' Biopic on Author Philip K. Dick

A project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is currently underway for a bizarre biopic of prolific science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Written by the author's daughter and Amazon writer and producer, Isa Hackett, the film is currently working under the title Jane, named after Dick's twin sister who died only six weeks after birth. Oscar Award-winners Charlize Theron and Alfonso Cuarón are, at this time, only tapped to produce, but the Amazon project is being worked with the two in mind, with Theron as lead and Cuarón to direct.

Charlize Theron, Alfonso Cuarón & Isa Hackett Team For Amazon Film ‘Jane’ Examining Family Life Of Iconic Sci-Fi Writer Philip K. Dick

Click here to read the full article. Academy Award winner Charlize Theron (Bombshell) and multi-Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón (Roma) will produce the film Jane, examining the family life of trailblazing sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), for Amazon Studios, Deadline can confirm. They’re partnering on the project with Isa Hackett (The Man in the High Castle), who developed the work based on the lives of her father and his twin sister. Jane is billed as a story about a woman’s unique relationship with her brilliant, but troubled twin, who also happens to be Philip...
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Cult author Philip K. Dick was only apparently real

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8 facts about Philip K. Dick

This story originally appeared on Mental Floss. During the course of his career, sci-fi author Philip K. Dick — who was born on December 16, 1928, in Chicago, Illinois — confronted soulless corporations, authoritarian governments, and divine entities in his novels and short stories. His work has since gone on to inspire generations of science-fiction authors and provide the framework for more than a dozen TV and movie adaptations. Learn more about the fascinating mind behind "Blade Runner," "Minority Report" and so many other standouts of the genre.

Blade Runner and Total Recall Author Philip K. Dick to Get New Biopic

Philip K. Dick has created some truly larger-than-life stories of science fiction, with his work being adapted into legendary projects like Blade Runner, Total Recall, and The Man in the High Castle — and now, it looks like part of his own life story is headed to the big screen. On Wednesday, it was announced that Only Apparently Real, a film based on the 1999 biography about Dick of the same name by Paul Williams, is reportedly in development. Williams was a friend of Dick and the one-time literary executioner of his estate. The film adaptation will be produced by Jon Shestack (Air Force One, Dan in Real Life) and Michael Richter (Torn, The Last Adventure of Constance Verity), with the latter writing the film's script. The project is currently searching for a director, with plans to film in San Rafael, California later this fall.

Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick to Get Biopic from Jon Shestack and Michael Richter

Science fiction author Philip K. Dick, whose work inspired the films Blade Runner and Total Recall, is getting the Oppenheimer-Monroe treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The biopic, titled Only Apparently Real, is in its early stages and is being produced by Air Force One's Jon Shestack and written by "lawyer-turned-scribe" Michael Richter. The film will focus on the author's bizarre life, and in particular, a break-in that may or may not have happened where all of Dick's manuscripts were — or were not — stolen.

Sci-Fi Author Philip K. Dick Getting Biopic Treatment With ‘Only Apparently Real’ (Exclusive)

Philip K. Dick, the author whose works have been translated into popular movies such as Blade Runner and Total Recall, as well as the series The Man in the High Castle, is getting the biopic treatment. Jon Shestack is producing Only Apparently Real, based in part on a biography written by Paul Williams, the onetime literary executor of Dick’s estate and friend of the author. Michael Richter, a former lawyer turned scribe, wrote the script and is also producing.More from The Hollywood Reporter'Blade Runner' Star Rutger Hauer Took Exception to His Character Roy Batty Being Labeled a Villain'Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition' Video...

Philip K. Dick Award Winner

Defekt, Nino Cipri (Tordotcom) Plague Birds, Jason Sanford (Apex) Bug, Giacomo Sartori, translated by Frederika Randall (Restless) Far from the Light of Heaven, Tade Thompson (Orbit US) The award is sponsored by the Philip K. Dick Trust and the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, and the ceremony is sponsored by the...

Bookshelf: Explore science fiction master Philip K. Dick

When Philip K. Dick passed away in 1982 he left behind a long legacy of science fiction novels questioning the basis of reality. What is real? Who is real? What is guiding our world and society? Why do people act the way they do?. His life is a story of...

The Strange Vancouver Visitation of Philip K. Dick

In 1981, taking the form of a goat, the Devil made an appearance at Stanley Park Zoo. There was at least one witness to this event: the science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Some nine years earlier, Dick arrived at YVR clutching an old suitcase and a Bible. This visitation, too, had its witnesses, a number of whom caught the legendary writer at one of the receptions held in his honour at the 1972 Vancouver Science Fiction Convention, where Dick held forth on one of the major themes in his career. His speech was called “The Android and the Human”.

Philip K. Dick Award 2022 Finalists

Defekt, Nino Cipri (Tordotcom) Plague Birds, Jason Sanford (Apex) Bug, Giacomo Sartori, translated by Frederika Randall (Restless) Far from the Light of Heaven, Tade Thompson (Orbit US) The Escapement, Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon) Dead Space, Kali Wallace (Berkley) The award is presented annually to a distinguished work of science fiction originally...
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Did Philip K. Dick discover the real-life Matrix in 1977?

Today, the influential sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago. His family later moved to the Bay Area where Dick matriculated at the same high school as Ursula Le Guin. He attended the University of California, Berkeley for a year before dropping out. The loss of his twin sister Jane Charlotte Dick, who died when the author was a few weeks old, seemed to permanently mark how he viewed the world. He sometimes toyed with the notion that Jane was alive and well in an alternative universe, becoming an acclaimed sci-writer instead of her brother. His adult life was marked by increasing periods of instability and erraticism; he frequently moved and was married five times. Despite the outpouring of his work (sometimes supercharged by the help of speed and other drugs), he lacked adequate financial and budgeting skills. His unpredictable, haphazard way of living was reflected in Dick’s 1982 New York Times obit, which was a few clipped paragraphs long and didn’t go into specific details about personal matters or relationships.