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Peter Weiss (Class of 1946) Recounts Covert U.S. History in Netflix Documentary

In 1996, Peter Weiss (Class of 1946) earned one of the St. John’s College alumni community’s highest honors, the Alumni Association Award of Merit—an annual recognition bestowed upon graduates “for distinguished and meritorious service to the United States, to his/her native state, to St. John’s College, or for outstanding achievement within his/her chosen field.”
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Peter Weiss and Further Reflections of a Political Kind

The second volume of The Aesthetics of Resistance by Peter Weiss begins, like the first, with a sustained response to a single work of art. This time, the narrator’s interest is not aroused, as before, by a monumental sculpture in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum but by a painting in the Louvre: Théodore Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa (La Balsa de la Medusa) (1818-19).

Peter Weiss and Political Reflections of a Novel Kind

For the reader, The Aesthetics of Resistance, Volume I is as much an act of political memory and learning as it is for the novel’s narrator. What is remembered – the unsuccessful attempt to repeat in Germany the Bolshevik’s October Revolution and the 1936-39 civil war in Spain – creates the space for political education in the art of resistance, beginning with a visit to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The narrator goes there with two others and together they contemplate the friezes taken from an altar in the ancient Greek city of Pergamon (in what is now western Turkey) and reconstructed in the German capital.

Opinion: On Peter Weiss, pandemics, and accessories

Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. Sadly, Peter Weiss, who for decades was one of the most dedicated activists and campaigners in Brooklyn politics, died Feb. 8 at the age of 73. I was lucky enough to get to know him, call him a friend, and talk over happenings in the political world — and even get recommendations for credit cards for traveling. This happened as recently as last week.