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Pride in London should return to radical roots, says Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell has called on the UK’s largest Pride event to return to its radical political roots, as veterans from the first march 50 years ago led the parade in London. Members of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), who organised the first UK Pride march in London in 1972, are leading the parade, which celebrates the rights the LGBTQ+ community has won since then.
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Peter Tatchell: Pride event has become too corporate and commercial

Activist Peter Tatchell has said the main Pride event in London has become “too corporate and commercial” and has lost the human rights dimension.Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend on the capital on Saturday for the Pride parade which organisers say will feature more than 30,000 participants from all sections of the community.The parade will pay homage to the 1972 march, passing significant sites from the UK’s first LGBT+ movement.The original Pride was both a celebration and a protestPeter TatchellOn Friday, Mr Tatchell was one of around 20 veterans of the 1972 march, aged between 70 and...
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Voices: Peter Tatchell: What it was like to march at the first UK Pride

Way back in the early 1970s, I was a member of the newly-formed Gay Liberation Front (GLF). It was Britain’s first movement of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and the first to move beyond mere law reform, to take on the homophobia of the church, media, police and the medical and psychiatric professions.To combat the invisibility and denigration of the queer community, we decided to organise a “Gay Pride” march, with the theme of being out and proud. This was a radical departure from the norm. In those days, nearly all LGBT+ people were closeted and many felt...

Campaigner Peter Tatchell on why Stop The War Coalition has 'lost the plot'

Andrew Pierce speaks to veteran human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell on why his former allies in the Stop the War Coalition have ‘lost the plot’, and speaks to Cambridge economist Patrick Reid on why Britain might be heading for the worst recession since the 70s. Plus, the supermarket meal deals with more salt than a Big Mac and fries.

Hating Peter Tatchell review – crusading activist’s greatest hits

“My doctors have said very clearly: ‘No more head injuries.’” So says Peter Tatchell, one of the world’s most tenacious, divisive and necessary activists, as he prepares to fly to Moscow in 2018 to protest against state-sanctioned homophobia. The trip, which returns him to the city where he was beaten and arrested in 2007, forms one of the few present-tense sections of this greatest hits-style documentary. Tatchell has sustained numerous injuries from his lifetime of protest, though claims of memory loss are comically undermined during a kid-gloves interview with Ian McKellen. “Fifty two years of civil disobedience, Peter!” gasps the actor admiringly. “Fifty three now,” Tatchell replies, unable to resist the lure of being right.

Factual round-up: BBC heads ‘Inside Dubai’; ‘The Beatles And India’ goes global; Netflix acquires Peter Tatchell doc for Oz & NZ

UK pubcaster the BBC has commissioned Inside Dubai: Playground Of The Rich, a new three-part factual series from Spun Gold TV, for its BBC2 channel. The 3 x 60-minute series goes behind the scenes of the fast-growing city which now counts 52,000 millionaires and billionaires among its three million inhabitants. A tax haven and an ultra-modern, aspirational city, Dubai boasts the world’s tallest building, the world’s most expensive hotel and the world’s biggest shopping mall.

Pride in London: Peter Tatchell calls for investigation into company following racism allegations

Pride in London must be investigated following multiple allegations of racism within the company from its volunteers, patron Peter Tatchell has said.His comments come after Pride’s former most senior Black official, Rhammel Afflick, resigned this week citing racism concerns, followed swiftly by the resignation of the entire Community Advisory Board, citing a “hostile environment” for black and ethnic minority members.The LGBT+ rights group is currently not subject to any formal independent complaints and appeals procedure which has created an atmosphere rife with discrimination, according to numerous equalities campaigners.The startling allegations “reinforce the need for Pride to be radically reformed”, according to...