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Peter Schiff: The Fed Is Spoon-Feeding Us a Lie

The CPI data came in higher than expected again in May. Looking at the trend, this should cast some serious doubt on the notion that inflation is “transitory.” Price data has come out hotter than expected every month this year. But the market reaction appears to be the exact opposite. The worse than expected CPI report seems to have reinforced the “inflation is transitory” narrative. As Peter Schiff explained in his podcast, everybody is buying into a lie the Fed is spoon-feeding us.
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You Already Have More Than Enough Bitcoin: Peter Schiff Tells Michael Saylor

After Michael Saylor said his company would raise another billion to buy more bitcoin, Peter Schiff called him “truly insane.”. Michael Saylor’s initiative to continue buying more and more bitcoins makes no sense, argued the full-time BTC basher – Peter Schiff. Following the latest development coming from MicroStrategy, in which the company outlined plans to allocate another $1 billion in the asset, the prominent economist called Saylor “truly insane.”
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The Fed Is Spoon-Feeding Us A Lie [Peter Schiff – Video]

Price data has come out hotter than expected every month this year. But the market reaction appears to be the exact opposite. The worse than expected CPI report seems to have reinforced the “inflation is transitory” narrative. As Peter Schiff explained in his podcast, everybody is buying into a lie the Fed is spoon-feeding us.

Peter Schiff: This Surging Inflation Is Anything But Transitory

We got the May Consumer Price (CPI) Index data last week. Once again, it came in hotter than expected. Peter Schiff broke down the data on his podcast and concluded that this surge of inflation is anything by transitory. Peter pointed out that the CPI is reverse-engineered to mask inflation.

Peter Schiff: It’s a Double Whammy

Gold and silver whipsawed to end last week. Gold fell over $30 on Thursday when weekly jobless claims and the ADP private payroll numbers came in better than expected. But the yellow metal gained back much of the loss on Friday after a less than overwhelming Labor Department May jobs report. In his podcast, Peter breaks down the job numbers and comes to the conclusion that the economy is far weaker than anybody is admitting. Meanwhile, the Fed is still printing money. This is a double-whammy on the economy and a lot of people still don’t get it.

Peter Schiff: Americans Are Worried About Inflation

If you’ve been to the grocery store, or the gas station, or the building supply store, you know we have an inflation problem. Last month’s hotter than expected CPI confirmed what we already intuitively know. But the folks over at the Federal Reserve continue to tell us there’s nothing to worry about. They insist inflation is transitory.

Peter Schiff: Traders Starting to Realize High Inflation is Bullish for Gold

For months, the markets have responded to inflationary pressures by piling into dollars and selling gold. They’ve taken this counterintuitive approach because they believe the Fed will tighten monetary policy to fight inflation sooner rather than later. But we’re starting to see a shift in sentiment. As Peter Schiff explains in a recent podcast, traders seem to be realizing that inflation might be here to stay, and that is bullish for gold and bearish for the dollar.

Bitcoin Has Had Worst Month Since 2011, Here’s What May Come Next: Peter Schiff

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Peter Schiff: Gold Cracks $1,900 as Inflation Tax Destroys Purchasing Power

Gold pushed above $1,900 an ounce near the end of the trading day Tuesday (May 25) and closed just below that level. Silver also had a strong day, up about 22 cents, closing just below $28 an ounce. Meanwhile, the dollar index headed in the opposite direction, closing an 89.66. That’s the lowest level for the dollar index since early January. Peter Schiff talked about the rally in gold and how the inflation tax is destroying American’s purchasing power on a recent podcast.

Peter Schiff and Ben Shapiro: The Government Is Wrecking the Economy

In many ways, it appears the economy is beginning to recover from the shocks of the coronavirus pandemic. GDP growth is way up. The stock market is soaring. A lot of people are optimistic. But during an appearance on the Ben Shapiro Show, Peter Schiff said this isn’t a real recovery, and he explains how all of the government “help” is actually wrecking the economy, distorting the job market and destroying the dollar.

Peter Schiff Gloats Over Bitcoin Sharp Decline, Praises Recent Gold Rise

CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and a prominent Bitcoin opponent, Peter Schiff, has taken to Twitter to gloat over the recent Bitcoin plunge and reminding the community that his iconic asset – gold – has been up and reached a 20-week high. Bitcoin dumps despite “non-stop media pumping” BTC. The...

Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor Hits 1 Million Twitter Followers, Dwarfing Peter Schiff

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has surpassed 1 million Twitter followers, becoming the first Bitcoin maximalist to achieve such a milestone. His business intelligence firm adopted Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset on Aug. 11, 2020. Since then, Saylor has become one of the most prominent voices within the Bitcoin...

Peter Schiff: Investors Are Starting to Worry the Fed Won’t Fight Inflation

We’ve been talking about the inflation threat for months. But the markets have been acting as if the real threat is the Federal Reserve trying to fight inflation by tightening monetary policy. With every bit of inflation news, gold has sold off. But after last week’s hotter than expected CPI data, it looks like investors may be starting to see the light and realizing that the central bank can’t fight inflation. Peter Schiff talked about this apparent pivot in a recent podcast.

Peter Schiff: The Surplus of Printed Dollars Is Driving Price Inflation

The Consumer Price Index came in much hotter than expected last week. The mainstream chalks rising prices to supply chain and production issues caused by the pandemic. But in a recent interview on NTD New, Peter Schiff says there’s more to it than that. Prices are rising because a surplus of printed dollars is bidding up prices.

Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, Peter Schiff, and Others: Community Reacts to Bitcoin’s Bloodbath

Cryptocurrencies went through a massive crash today before a small rebound, and reactionary tweets flew all over Twitter as sentiments bubbled high. This collapse, catalyzed by Elon Musk’s tweets criticizing Bitcoin’s energy consumption, was exacerbated by several factors, including China, reiterating its anti-Bitcoin stance, a large short position on Bitfinex, and the necessity of a general correction in the overbought crypto space.

Peter Schiff: “Buying Bitcoin Is Gambling, Not Investing”

Buying Bitcoin is gambling and not investing, argues Euro Pacific Capital chief executive Peter Schiff as Tesla is withdrawing from Bitcoin to seek greener alternatives. A currency that is easily influenced by a single tweet cannot be an investment or real money, argues Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff, who shared his thoughts on social media in the wake of Bitcoin’s latest price crash that saw the currency drop to $44,200.
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Peter Schiff: Politicians Are Nothing But Actors

When Peter Schiff appeared on Joe Rogan’s show, he made the case that the Federal Reserve and Congress are the real problems facing America. The central bank and the federal government cripple the economy, destroy opportunity, and generally make life more difficult for the average American. But why? Why would people who claim to be “public servants” harm the very people they supposedly represent? Peter explains in this clip from the interview.