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Michel Franco To Direct Jessica Chastain & Peter Sarsgaard In NYC-Set Movie

Mexican director Michel Franco has been making waves for years on the festival circuit with films such as Cannes winner “After Lucia,” “New Order,” and “April’s Daughter.” His latest English-language effort, “Sundown,” starring actors Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg as siblings, made its debut at last year’s Venice Film Festival and was in limited release domestically back in January thanks to distributor Bleecker Street. There is now some intel on what Franco will be doing next and it looks to be another project using English-speaking actors.
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Orphan Star Isabelle Fuhrman Reunites With Peter Sarsgaard in Adorable Photo

Back in 2009, Isabelle Fuhrman was 12-years-old when she played Ester in Orphan, and the actor will soon be returning to the role in Orphan: First Kill. The first movie featured Fuhrman's character being adopted by a couple who had no idea she was secretly an adult with hypopituitarism pretending to be a child. The unsuspecting couple was played by Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard, who was most recently seen in The Batman. This week, Fuhrman took to Instagram to share a reunion photo with Sarsgaard with a side-by-side from their time making the first movie.
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‘The Batman’ Actor Peter Sarsgaard Says We’ve “Probably” Reached The Superhero Saturation Point

Peter Sarsgaard is no stranger to superhero films. Even before his upcoming role in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” as shady District Attorney Gil Coulson, Sarsgaard went full-on villain for the oft-maligned Ryan Reynolds film, “Green Lantern” back in 2011. That film saw the actor bury himself under prosthetics to play Hector Hammond. And now, more than a decade later, he thinks that the world might have reached its saturation point with superhero films.

Peter Sarsgaard opens up about his “near miss” with opiates

Peter Sarsgaard has revealed that he had “a near miss” with opiates after they were offered to him when there was “50/50 chance” of him taking them. Sarsgaard appears in the Disney+ mini-series Dopesick, which spotlights the opioid crisis via the sinister rise of OxyContin, as well as the damage it continues to do to the US’s most neglected communities.

Peter Sarsgaard on ‘The Lost Daughter’ and What it’s Like Filming a Love Scene Directed by Your Wife

With writer-director Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter now playing in selected theaters and streaming on Netflix starting December 31, I recently spoke to Peter Sarsgaard about making Gyllenhaal’s fantastic feature debut. During the interview, Sarsgaard talked about how The Lost Daughter deals with issues that are rarely seen in movies, how the film is about someone not living their best life and has sacrificed too much of her own desires and ambitions, what it was like playing the object of desire for Jessie Buckley’s character, what it’s like filming a love scene that’s being directed by your wife, and more. In addition, he talks about why he prepares more for dialogue scenes than emotional ones and the challenges of filming during COVID.

‘Dopesick’s Peter Sarsgaard, John Hoogenakker, and Jake McDorman on Making a Series About the Opioid Crisis

From creator Danny Strong and inspired by the best-selling book of the same name, the limited Hulu series Dopesick delves into how Purdue Pharma created the worst drug epidemic in American history when they pushed their opioid while lying about how addictive it truly is. Threading stories about Big Pharma, a small mining community, and the DEA, the villains become clear while the ordinary people try to struggle through each day just to make it to the next.

Peter Sarsgaard says a fellow actor offered him OxyContin

Peter Sarsgaard wants to raise awareness of the drug problem in Hollywood. “I’ve actually been offered OxyContin before by a fellow actor, and I saw what it did to him. So there’s no part of me that wants any of that stuff,” Sarsgaard, 50, exclusively told Page Six, without naming his drug-addled colleague.

Peter Sarsgaard Says ‘Dopesick’ Will ‘Blow Your Mind’

“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay spoke with Peter Sarsgaard as he promoted his new show “Dopesick.”. The show focuses on how one company triggered one of the worst drug pandemics in the U.S. Peter noted that “some narratives covered in this story will blow your mind.”. Rachel also spoke with his co-stars...