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Peter Dutton says Australia should prepare for war. So how likely is a military conflict with China?

We are fated, whether we like it or not, to live in interesting times, having entered, as one prominent observer puts it a “decade of living dangerously”. He is speaking of the very high probability of entering into some form of open military conflict with China, most likely precipitated by a sharp escalation in Beijing’s efforts to reunify Taiwan with the mainland. Even without this particular acute threat, we face enormous dangers on multiple fronts. Climate change is fast reaching the point of constituting an existential threat. There is still time to avoid this nightmare scenario, but it is going to...
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Politics with Michelle Grattan: Peter Dutton on US combat assets in Australia, China, and Vladimir Putin

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says he would like to see more American combat capability based in Australia. Speaking on the “Politics with Michelle Grattan” podcast, Dutton says: “I’d be very open to it. I would be very, very happy to have that discussion with the US if they saw a strategic advantage in doing so.” He says there is significant visiting by US airforce, navy and army forces (together with the current marine rotation). “And if that is accompanied by, or there’s a subsequent decision to base further numbers, we’d be very happy to have that discussion with the US...

Is Peter Dutton picking a fight with China?

As military tensions heat up between Taiwan and China, defence minister Peter Dutton says it would be ‘inconceivable’ that Australia would not join military action if the US defended Taiwan. Labor has accused the Coalition of warmongering ahead of an upcoming election. Gabrielle Jackson talks to Lenore Taylor and Daniel...
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Peter Dutton wins defamation case against refugee activist Shane Bazzi over tweet

Peter Dutton has won his defamation claim against the refugee activist Shane Bazzi over a tweet labelling him a “rape apologist”. On Wednesday the federal court ruled in favour of the defence minister over the tweet he said had “deeply offended” him because it went beyond the “rough and tumble” of politics.

Judge orders New Zealand man who had visa revoked by Peter Dutton to be freed from detention

A New Zealand man resisting deportation on the basis he has been culturally adopted as Aboriginal has won an order freeing him from immigration detention. On Friday the federal court ruled the former home affairs minister Peter Dutton “failed to give any degree of consideration” to Shayne Montgomery’s claim of Aboriginality, ordering the government to reconsider his visa cancellation.
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Secretary Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, and Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton At a Joint Press Availability

SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good afternoon. I know that I speak for Secretary of Defense Austin when I say what an absolute pleasure it’s been to host our friends from Australia – Foreign Minister Payne, Defence Minister Dutton – here in Washington today. Today’s ministerial consultations reinforce the breadth and depth of...

Australia considered buying nuclear submarines from France before ditching deal, Peter Dutton says

Australia considered buying nuclear-powered submarines from France, which could have saved money and avoided France’s rage at the existing $90bn project being scrapped. This week the federal government announced its decision to instead source nuclear submarine designs from the United States or the United Kingdom, and build at least eight submarines in Adelaide. French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, described it as a “stab in the back”.