Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker: Discern the Future That Has Already Happened

Act on the anticipation of the effects of events and trends. Take advantage of online/print sources, demographic data, and government/institutional statistics. Draw inspiration from MacArthur “Genius grant” awardees. "The Future That Has Already Happened" was a crucial theme in the last 40 years of Peter Drucker’s career. He...
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Peter Drucker on Living a Multidimensional Life

Peter Drucker’s concepts and life example can provide guidance for the great resignation, and the new/next normal. Develop multiple activities and pursuits, inside and outside the workplace. Meet, learn from, and interact with different people in diverse circles. The world of work has changed immeasurably since the start of...
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Peter Drucker and the Power of Teaching

Peter Drucker taught management and other subjects for more than 60 years. Drucker viewed teaching as one of the most practical and effective ways to learn and guide students to influence society positively. Drucker said that finding the student’s strengths and focusing them on achievement is the best definition of...

Peter Drucker: Prophet Of Stakeholder Capitalism

Peter Drucker, the father of business management theory, the guru of enlightened capitalism, was a visionary whose time has come once again. If not for Drucker, there might not be such a thing as an executive MBA: he created the model for it at Claremont College. His work helped establish business management as a respected intellectual subject, a liberal art, and elevated its status as a course of study in major universities. He is the inventor of MBO, as well: management by objectives, one of the most influential practices in the history of American and world business.

The Peter Drucker Approach to Change

Change was a major influence on Peter Drucker’s life and work. He encouraged people to embrace change and consider it an opportunity, rather than a threat. Organizations and individuals, he urged, must be organized for constant change. Because of the pandemic, we’ve received a never-asked-for crash course in change....

Opening the Peter Drucker Files

Peter Drucker, the "father of modern management," is the perfect role model for these turbulent times. Building on one's strengths involves gaining self-knowledge about one's personal values and work habits. It's best to focus on opportunities rather than problems, and on the future rather than the past. The turbulent times...