Peter Boghossian

Peter Boghossian at the DPU: A Further Consideration

On Wednesday, May 4, the Dartmouth Political Union (DPU) hosted an intriguing “reverse” question-and-answer event with Dr. Peter Boghossian, formerly of Portland State University. In my preceding article, I provided the transcript of an interview that I conducted with Boghossian prior to that event, in which can be found an explanation of Boghossian’s theory behind the “reverse” structure he employs. According to this structure, he asks questions of the audience rather than contrariwise, as is typical. Herein I offer several additional quotations from Boghossian as well as some scattered observations about the event itself, which ran from 7pm until roughly a quarter to 9.
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An Interview With Peter Boghossian

On May 4, 2022, Print Editor Matthew O. Skrod (TDR) interviewed Dr. Peter Boghossian (PB), one of the academics behind the famous Grievance-Studies Affair, prior to an event that Boghossian hosted at the College in conjunction with the Dartmouth Political Union. Various Editor’s Notes appear in brackets throughout the interview’s...
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Dartmouth Political Union hosts event on social justice and free speech with Peter Boghossian

The philosopher led students through an interactive exercise aimed at building consensus on contentious issues. On Wednesday, the Dartmouth Political Union hosted philosopher Peter Boghossian for an interactive event on free speech and social justice. Approximately 25 students attended the event and were led through Boghossian’s program built around critical thinking and reasoning abilities, according to his personal website.