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ESPN 30 for 30's decision to use deepfakes for Al Davis and Pete Rozelle is "completely bonkers"

The latest 30 for 30, Al Davis vs. the NFL, features deepfake technology using stand-ins and voice actors to bring the iconic late Raiders owner, who died in 2011, and the late NFL commissioner, who died in 1996, back to life. "The reanimated Davis and Rozelle do so much more than loiter. Horrifyingly, they also talk, a feat made possible by voice actors hired to do impersonations of both—a performance that would have been better left on some other corner of the Strip," says Claire McNear, adding: "The deepfaked duo pace through the empty halls of Allegiant Stadium—Davis, of course, in his signature white tracksuit. They climb stairs. They lean together on railings and contemplate the, um, splendor of either a brand-new taxpayer-funded stadium or of finding themselves once more upon this mortal coil. Have I mentioned that it’s really, really weird?"
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If you watched ESPN’s 30 For 30: Al Davis vs. the NFL, you will no doubt have been treated to a litany of the late owner’s famous phrases. The documentary, charting the many disputes of Al Davis and then NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, frequently cut to old footage of Davis espousing the core ideals of the Raiders organization.
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Nothing Can Prepare You for the 30 for 30 Deepfakes of Al Davis and Pete Rozelle

In one respect, at least, the latest entry in NFL Films’ 30 for 30 canon, Al Davis vs. the NFL, is precisely what you think it will be. The story is likely familiar to anyone with knowledge of the Raiders or NFL history, covering the 1966 AFL-NFL merger, the Raiders’ move to Los Angeles, and the ensuing antitrust suit against the NFL. The documentary focuses on the fractious relationship between longtime Raiders owner Al Davis and then-NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, onetime colleagues turned bitter sparring partners. There is plenty of Davis bombast and no fewer than four renditions of “The Autumn Wind.” None of it is terribly shocking.

Lawsuits, mergers and Super Bowl pranks: Raiders owner Al Davis and Pete Rozelle through the years

HENDERSON, Nev. -- The feud between former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle and late Raiders owner Al Davis was more than legendary, it set the stage for the NFL becoming what it is today -- a billion-dollar industry that is more national obsession than national pastime. ESPN's 30 for 30 special "Al Davis vs. the NFL" delves into the rivalry and debuts Thursday on ESPN (9 p.m. ET) and ESPN+. Here's a timeline of the events that brought Rozelle and Davis together and drove them apart.
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30 for 30 viewers not embracing the Al Davis and Pete Rozelle deep fakes

In ESPN’s latest 30 or 30 documentary, filmmaker Ken Rodgers utilized deep fake technology to create holograms of Raiders founder Al Davis and longtime NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. The practice was done as part innovation and part necessity as the COVID-19 pandemic restricted the ability to do a more traditional style documentary.

'AL Davis vs The NFL': Why Pete Rozelle didn't cancel Sunday games after President John F Kennedy's assassination

Pete Rozelle, the NFL Commissioner in the '60s will be brought alive on screen again. ESPN's 30 for 30 series rolls out its latest documentary, 'AL Davis vs. The NFL' that sees Davis, the principal owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders, and his long-standing feud with Rozelle. For the latter, it wasn't just the feud that catapulted him to immense attention. It was one of those decisions he made that saw the Californian garner immense flak.
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ESPN’s Latest Doc Uses Deepfake Tech to Let Al Davis and Pete Rozelle Recount Their Historic NFL Feud

Started in 1966 over who deserved the credit for the momentous NFL-AFL merger, the feud between Commissioners Pete Rozelle (NFL) and Al Davis (AFL) spanned decades and involved battles on the field, clashes in court and a constant war of words. And just as it was with the Montagues and Capulets, their vendetta didn’t end until a death: Rozelle’s, from brain cancer, in 1996.