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Pete Doherty says The Libertines will record a new album in Jamaica

Pete Doherty has spoken about plans for The Libertines to record a new album in Jamaica. In a new interview with The Guardian, Doherty confirmed that he is on good terms with bandmate Carl Barât and that they are planning on working on the follow up to their 2015 LP ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth‘ overseas.

‘She’d click her fingers and I’d come running’: Pete Doherty opens up about relationship with Kate Moss

Pete Doherty has opened up about his relationship with Kate Moss that took place in the early Noughties.The couple dated between 2005 and 2007 after meeting at Moss’ 31st birthday party.Now, in an extract from his upcoming book, A Likely Lad, written by Doherty and Simon Spence, the Libertines frontman has reflected on his volatile relationship with the British supermodel.As published in the Guardian, the extract details how Doherty and Moss had a tumultuous relationship, which saw them break up and reconcile multiple times.In the book, the musician claims how, following one split, the duo would meet in secret to...

Pete Doherty says he hasn’t read his own memoir and was ‘completely shocked’ to discover it was written in the first person

Pete Doherty has admitted he cannot bring himself to read his own memoir.The former Libertines frontman’s new book, A Likely Lad, was written by autobiography writer Simon Spence after extensive interviews with Doherty.A Likely Lad looks back on the highs and lows of Doherty’s tempestuous career. It covers his time in The Libertines, drugs, prison, debauched parties and more.In a new interview, Doherty has revealed he has not actually read the book.“It’s too weird reading it because it’s in the first person,” he told The Guardian.When asked if he had expected the book to be written in the first...

Pete Doherty on swapping crack for camembert in France: ‘It’s easier to be clean here – even for a scoundrel’

High up on a Normandy clifftop, in a house overlooking the sea, the man I once considered to be the most beautiful musician in the world, Pete Doherty, is asleep on a sofa in a pair of black underpants. Back in the 2000s, I frequently used to see him around east London, trailed by acolytes and hangers-on, but I never once saw him asleep or even at rest. To his fans, it looked as if he was lost in his own poetic world (his critics sneered that he was lost in crack and heroin). But here he is now, having a mid-morning snooze in the home he shares with his wife, Katia de Vidas; his Siberian husky, Zeus, at his feet. No one expects an interview with Doherty to start on time, but my train back to Paris leaves in three hours, so I give his shoulder a gentle tap. He snuffles awake. “Oh, hey! OK, just give me a minute, I’ll get some clothes on,” he says in his fey and gravelly voice, and disappears. Laura, the Guardian’s photographer, and I wait nervously. Will he give us the slip? Or fall back to sleep?

Pete Doherty on Kate Moss: ‘Our relationship became a running battle: highs and then crushing, violent lows’

A lot of mine and Kate’s early meetings were quite clandestine. We’d meet in strange back rooms of restaurants in London. Despite being this multimillionaire, she was saying how she was really just a girl from a council estate in Croydon, so in the first week we were together, I insisted she get on a bus with me. She went everywhere in a limo usually. We got dressed up in disguise, put on wigs, and jumped on the bus around London. We used to have a bit of a laugh, really. We got matching tattoos that first week too. I think I insisted on that. I wanted her to prove her love, so I said, you’ve got to get a tattoo with my initials on, you’ve got to get branded – it was more of an insecurity thing on my part.