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Paula Patton Has The Best Response To Critics About Her Controversial Chicken Recipe

The actress and producer shared her mom's fried chicken recipe with fans, but the response wasn't what she expected. Paula Patton is popularly known for her roles in movies like the Mission: Impossible franchise, as well as Idlewild and Precious, but she’s been trending lately for how she throws down in the kitchen. Last month, she took to social media to innocently show fans her mother’s fried chicken recipe, which she was creating for her son to take to school.

Paula Patton Gets Absolutely Roasted Over Her Family's Chicken Recipe

Paula Patton is trending and it's not for an acting role. The Jumping the Broom star is getting lots of reactions from a video she shared on her social media pages in March of her showing off her family's fried chicken recipe. Despite being over a month old, the video recently went viral. Patton's recipe is more simple than most people are used to. Additionally, critics say she does things out of order. In the video, Patton starts by explaining the origin of the recipe. "I'm going to make my mom's famous fried chicken," she shared in the video that was originally posted on March 4.

Paula Patton Reignites the Debate Over Whether to Wash Raw Chicken

To wash or not wash your chicken, that is the question. The great debate has been reignited after actress Paula Patton shared a video of herself making fried chicken. In the video, she rinses off the chicken under cold water briefly. While many viewers called her out for not washing it thoroughly enough, others said she shouldn’t wash it at all. One viewer remembered an Inside Edition report on how washing raw chicken can contaminate your sink and kitchen with bacteria.

Paula Patton Addresses Criticism Over Controversial Fried Chicken Recipe

Poultry news has taken a compelling turn in recent weeks thanks to widely shared footage of Paula Patton, who last month gave her Instagram followers a nearly five-minute video showing a discourse-inspiring fried chicken method. Now, the Mission: Impossible franchise alum is sending out a message of “love” for critics of the recipe.

Paula Patton addresses criticism of ‘horrible’ fried chicken recipe: ‘It’s all good’

Paula Patton has responded to criticism of her fried chicken recipe after she faced backlash over the “horrible” cooking tutorial.The actor, 46, shared the video tutorial for her mother’s fried chicken recipe to her Instagram in March, however, it recently went viral on Twitter and TikTok after her cooking methods, such as seasoning the chicken while it was already frying in oil, confounded viewers.“Somebody please go teach Paula Patton to make fried chicken. She seems so nice, I just want better for her,” one person said, while another wrote: “Paula Patton out here seasoning grease. You really hate to see...

Paula Patton Responds To Criticism About Her Fried Chicken: “My Mom Taught Me”

Everyone has their own way of frying chicken and Paula Patton is letting social media know hers in a recent Instagram post. The Sacrifice actress found herself as a trending topic this week after showcasing how she makes fried chicken in a post originally stemming from about a month ago (Mar. 4th) where we see Patton cleaning the chicken in the sink in a different way than others may clean their poultry.

Paula Patton responds to people roasting her for ‘unseasoned’ fried chicken recipe

For fans of fried chicken, Paula Patton’s well-intentioned take on the dish is far from cut and dried. In a recent video posted to the actor's Instagram, the “Four Kids and It” star shared how to make her “mom’s favorite fried chicken.” The post, which started out innocently enough, quickly received the ire of fried chicken connoisseurs on Twitter where the debate on how to properly clean raw chicken — and then fry it — was thoroughly rehashed.

Paula Patton Responds After Athlete Ashley Spencer Roasts Her Mom's Fried Chicken Recipe

Paula Patton might be frying chicken but her technique is getting roasted online. Patton's 5-minute Instagram cooking video from March recently resurfaced after athlete Ashley Spencer comedically critiqued the actress's recipe in a now-viral TikTok. In the clip, the Sacrifice actress is sharing her mother's fried chicken, which uses some questionable methods, according to Spencer.

Paula Patton Responds to Backlash Over Fried Chicken Recipe

Watch: Paula Patton LAUGHS OFF Fried Chicken Backlash. The instructions called for fried, but the Internet has roasted Paula Patton's chicken recipe. The actress put on her apron and showed off her mom's fried chicken recipe in an Instagram video on March 4. But after sharing her instructions, fans were up in arms, criticizing everything from the recipe itself to Paula's skills.