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PAUL STANLEY Says KISS Can Continue Without Him And GENE SIMMONS In It: The Band Is 'Bigger Than Any Member'

Paul Stanley has once again said that he believes KISS can carry on without any original members. More than two years ago, the legendary rockers launched their second farewell tour, dubbed "End Of The Road", which is now scheduled to end sometime in 2022. Joining founding members Stanley and Gene Simmons in the band's current lineup are Tommy Thayer on guitar and Eric Singer on drums. Thayer and Singer are replacements for original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, respectively.
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Paul Stanley thinks KISS is bigger than him and Gene Simmons

Paul Stanley thinks KISS could continue without him and Gene Simmons. The 'Detroit Rock City' rockers look set to finish their 'End of the Road' farewell tour towards the end of 2022, with founding members Paul and Gene now joined by Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer, who replaced Ace Frehley and Peter Criss respectively.
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Paul Stanley Says ‘Kisstory’ Captures the ‘Human Side’ of Kiss: Exclusive Interview

As far as Paul Stanley is concerned, Biography: Kisstory - the two-part documentary airing June 27 and 28 on A&E - is a buddy picture. Driven by Stanley and Gene Simmons, and directed by D.J. Viola, Kisstory is a comprehensive telling of the band's story, from the two cofounders' youths through to the End of the Road farewell tour that's slated to resume in August - the same month they hope filming will begin on a Netflix biopic. It certainly celebrates Kiss' myriad triumphs and occasional pitfalls, and while it's hardly the first time they've told the story, Stanley feels like it's the first time they've told it this way.

PAUL STANLEY: Why Now Is 'Best Time' To Tell KISS Story In New A&E Documentary

The Rock Experience With Mike Brunn has uploaded a new video interview with KISS conducted on June 11 at the 2021 Tribeca Festival in New York City. For the first time ever, the band played at the festival directly following the screening of part one of its new A&E documentary "Biography: KISStory". The two-part documentary event was part of the festival's 2021 TV lineup.


In a new interview with WFSB's program "Better Connecticut", KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons was asked how the band came up with its name nearly five decades ago. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I couldn't drive in my early 20s — I didn't start driving till I was 34, 'cause in New York you just took cabs — and Paul [Stanley, KISS frontman] was driving myself in his beat-up Mustang or something. Myself and I think it may have been Peter [Criss, original KISS drummer] or maybe Ace [Frehley, original KISS guitarist] in the back of the car. And we were trying to think of a name. And I said why don't we call the band the word 'F', which you can't say on stage. And the first album could be called 'It', like 'F It'. The second record could be called 'You', [like] 'F You'. And the third record could be called 'Us', [like] 'F Us'. 'Yeah, kind of cool. How about that?' And we started laughing. And I don't know if he was half serious or not, but Paul said, 'Yeah, let's call ourselves KISS.' And we went, 'Woah, woah, woah, woah. What did you say?' And we just got it right away. Whatever happened happened naturally. There were no marketing companies. We didn't even know what that was. Kiss — yeah, everybody on earth knows what that is. It's universal — the kiss of death, the kiss of life, and all that stuff. And so it just felt right."

PAUL STANLEY Says Current KISS Band Is 'Much More Consistent' Than Original Lineup: 'We're Always In Sync With Each Other'

Paul Stanley spoke to Rolling Stone Germany about KISS's new official live bootleg series "KISS - Off The Soundboard", which launched today (Friday, June 11) with "Tokyo 2001", recorded by the band at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on March 13, 2001. This marks the first in a series of upcoming live releases through UMe and is available as a 3-LP standard black vinyl set, a 2-CD set, digital downloads and available to stream. "Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001" — which features co-founders Stanley and Gene Simmons, with Ace Frehley on guitar and Eric Singer on drums — is also available as an exclusive 3-LP set pressed on crystal clear vinyl with bone swirl via the official KISS online store.

Paul Stanley thinks KISS should retire: “We can’t do it forever”

Paul Stanley has spoken out about the future of KISS, sharing his thoughts on the band’s eventual retirement. Stanley told Download in an interview on Wednesday (2 June) that he’s thought about when the band will wipe off the makeup and hang up the leather capes to call it a day.

Paul Stanley Reveals Kiss Biopic Is Gaining Steam

Paul Stanley gave fans an update on the upcoming Kiss biopic, Shout It Out Loud, now in pre-production. Blabbermouth transcribed some of the “Star Child's” chat with Download host Kylie Olsson, in which he said, “It is definitely happening and that's gonna be really interesting. The script was really good. And we really waited until we felt comfortable. Look, you get once chance to do it, and I would rather not do it than do it half assed or poorly. Our director (Joachim Ronning) is the real deal. He did Maleficent 2, and he's not some hack; he knows how to make movies. It should be great. Casting hasn't begun yet. But that will be interesting too.”