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Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Paul Reiser On ‘Kominsky Method’s’ Big Finale – Deadline Virtual Screening Series

Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, and Paul Reiser all joined me Monday night for Deadline’s Virtual Screening Series, where we had a lively (to say the least) and at times out-of-control conversation about the third and final season of their Netflix comedy series The Kominsky Method from creator Chuck Lorre. If you want to have a good time, watch all of it at the link above as it proves you never know what can happen when you get this trio together. We are presenting it just as it happened just for the fun of it.
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Kevin Hart Raves About Working With Paul Reiser in Fatherhood

Kevin Hart didn’t just show off his dramatic acting abilities in Netflix’s Fatherhood, but he finally got to meet comedy legend and Mad About You star Paul Reiser. “Paul Reiser is beyond a legend, man,” Hart told ComingSoon. “I remember talking to him when I first got there on set and just saying I grew up watching him. I know who he is and was to comedy. So I’m a comedy student. So, any moment where I felt like I get to touch history and share something with someone that I feel has meant so much and has had purpose in my craft’s history, I value that. Paul being a part of this movie, it was special and he had a great role. This is my boss. It was a really good role. We had a lot of fun with it and you know it helped add another layer to the performance as well because you got a boss that’s expecting certain things from you and you can’t give it. You’re kind of complicating other people’s lives and situations because of yours too. That’s the weight that a lot of people carry. So me bringing my child to work and expecting it to be okay or not really having a plan, it was a lot of weight that was being put on people.”
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Interview: Paul Reiser and Sarah Baker discuss the final season of ‘The Kominsky Method’ [VIDEO]

The Kominsky Method is in its third and final season on Netflix, and the show has ventured into unfamiliar territory. Sandy (Michael Douglas) is coming to grips with the death of Norman (Alan Arkin) and that his daughter, Mindy (Sarah Baker), is ready to move on to the next phase of her life with Martin (Paul Reiser). With all of this change in such a short amount of time, it would be hard for anyone to come to grips with it, let alone a person who has already lost so much in recent years. Can Sandy come to terms with all the upheaval? That really is at the heart of Chuck Lorre’s final and perhaps best-written season of the entire series.
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Paul Reiser and Sarah Baker on ‘The Kominsky Method’ Season 3, and Memories of Making ‘Aliens’ With James Cameron

With The Kominsky Method Season 3 now streaming on Netflix, I recently sat down with Paul Reiser and Sarah Baker to talk about making the final season of the award-winning show. If you’ve never seen The Kominsky Method, the extremely well made series hails from The Big Bang Theory and Mom creator Chuck Lorre and it’s not at all what you might expect. Instead of a laugh track or characters performing in front of a live studio audience, The Kominsky Method is a single-camera series about people navigating their later years in Los Angeles. The Kominsky Method Season 3 also stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Lisa Edelstein, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers and Haley Joel Osment.

Paul Reiser, Kathleen Turner talk new season of ‘The Kominsky Method’

CHICAGO — The stars of “The Kominsky Method” spoke to WGN’s Dean Richards about the third and final season of the show. Joining the cast of the popular Netflix series is the great Kathleen Turner who reunites with Michael Douglas after starring with him in the films, “Romancing The Stone,” “Jewel of the Nile” and the classic “War of the Roses.”