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Paul Reiser Is Having a Renaissance, From 'Stranger Things' to 'The Boys'

If it seems that Paul Reiser is everywhere these days, you’re not mistaken. With roles in The Kominsky Method, Stranger Things and The Boys, a whole new generation is coming to respect Reiser’s talents. A Reiserssance, if you will, along the likes of the Keanussance, the McConaissance, the Goldblumassance and the Pfeifferssance. And if we’re lucky, the Shyamalanassance, because that just sounds awesome. Paul Reiser - actor, comedian, television writer, author - is back, baby, but where was he? Truth is, apart from a stretch of time between 2002 and 2011 where Reiser was onscreen in only a few projects, he never really disappeared.
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Paul Reiser on Bringing The Legend to Life on 'The Boys' and Whether He'd Return for Another Season

The Boys are back! With the long-awaited premiere of the hit Prime Video series' third season finally hitting our home screens, we can welcome the return of our favorite irreverent, disturbing, and often downright nasty supes who couldn't be further from heroic — as well as the group of resident misfits the show is named for who are determined to hold them accountable for previous and current misdeeds. Of course, The Boys wouldn't be able to do half of what they do without some important allies — and one such character has finally made his live-action debut in the series as of Season 3. Known only as The Legend, the character was initially written in the source material as a parody of Marvel Comics titan Stan Lee, but in the series, the cigar-chomping gentleman has done his time in Hollywood and now looks back on his once-booming career — and all the dirt he acquired on the famous supes of yore — with more of a wry recollection.

Why Paul Reiser Hesitated to Take The Legend Role in The Boys

Watch: The Boys Cast REACTS to That Charlize Theron Cameo. Paul Reiser isn't too mad about The Boys. The star joined the Prime Video series as The Legend in season three, but it took some convincing to get him to agree to the role after he watched the gory, inappropriate show. "I thought, ‘Oh, this is something else. This is really wild,'" Paul told Variety. "My 21-year-old son, who is really into the world and loves the show, I had to go to him like, ‘So they're on purpose being this disgusting? OK, so that's different.'"

Paul Reiser Joins ‘The Boys’ Season 3 as Stan Lee Parody ‘The Legend’ From the Original Comic Books

Click here to read the full article. Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” is bringing another iconic character from the comics to the screen, this time with the help of Paul Reiser. The legendary actor will take on the all-important in-universe role of “The Legend,” which in the original “Boys” comics from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson was a parody version of the late famed Marvel creator Stan Lee. According to Amazon, “Reiser will be introduced as The Legend in this week’s episode titled ‘The Last Time To Look On This World Of Lies,'” which is the fifth episode of “The Boys” Season...