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Paul DeMarco: Look for Alabama to continue strong red state status in next year’s elections

In the past couple of weeks, all of the incumbents in Alabama who hold the position of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General have announced their intentions to run for re-election in 2022. The Secretary of State and State Auditor will have to move on because of term limits while we are awaiting word from the State Treasurer on whether he will retire or run for a second term.
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Paul DeMarco: Aniah’s Law will make the state safer if Alabama voters approve at the ballot box

It has been a tragic trend across the nation, with crime rates soaring this past year. There have been many factors, but for certain, the efforts by progressive state legislatures and city councils around the country to hinder law enforcement and prosecutors have contributed to the spike in crime. Even in our state, the Alabama Legislature has seen too many bills introduced, and some actually passed that would weaken the criminal justice system.

Paul DeMarco: Alabama to get results on whether it will keep congressional seat soon

Next week will be important for the state of Alabama as we wait for a big announcement from the United States Census Bureau. The Census Bureau is set to deliver to states the data on whether they will gain, lose or maintain their congressional districts no later than April 30th. The information collected from the 2020 Census will reveal the population count of the Nation that determines each state’s share of votes in the electoral college and number of members of the United States House of Representatives.
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Paul DeMarco: Alabama citizens resilient as one-year anniversary of pandemic passes

It has now been a year since March 13, 2020, when the first reported case of the coronavirus was made public in Alabama. Following that announcement, in the ensuing weeks came the shuttering of school doors, the closing of businesses and the lockdown. As the number of those that became ill with the new virus, health care providers across the state worked tirelessly to treat those hospitalized. Local churches and charitable organizations across the state also stepped up to support those that lost their jobs and needed financial assistance.
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PAUL DEMARCO: State should push back against lawsuit (column)

Alabama state leaders have been working to overcome the consequences of the pandemic and the resulting economic impact. Now add a new lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Corrections by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to the mix. The feds have been threatening the suit for months, but...