Paul Bissonnette

Enforcer Advent Calendar – December 29th – Paul Bissonnette

We are down to The Three Amigos. I think it’s time we blame December for only having 31 days, because there are so many enforcers that deserve their spot on this prestigious ‘Enforcer Advent Calendar.’ Wade Belak, Chris Nilan, Rick Rypien, Jay Miller, Terry O’Reilly, and even our modern-day gladiators, Tom Wilson and Zack Kassian are all calendar worthy. Whether it’s because they played for your favourite team, beat a guy you didn’t like or you just liked their style, we all have our biases towards certain enforcers. But limited spots mean some worthy names get left off. The lucky thing for us is we don’t need an advent calendar to celebrate our favourite enforcers, all you need to do is bring them up to a couple buddies and the stories are sure to flow.
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