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Paul Bissonnette owns up to losing Oilers bet, gets a ridiculous haircut

Biz really was nasty looking this time. Former NHLer and current TNT host and Barstool Sports podcaster Paul Bissonnette let a seven-month old bet bite him back big time — and it led to one of the worst haircuts you’ll ever see. Back in November, Bissonnette and fellow “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast host Ryan Whitney wagered over the Battle of Alberta — or games between the Oilers and Flames. If Calgary went further in the playoffs, Whitney would pierce his ear and wear a “Barry Bonds” cross earring for a month straight. If Edmonton lasted longer, Bissonnette would have to get a “Peter...
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TNT NHL analyst Paul Bissonnette gets awful haircut after losing bet

The Edmonton Oilers may not be looking so good in the Western Conference Finals against Colorado, but they were good enough this season to cost Paul Bissonnette his hair. Bissonnette, known better by his “Biz Nasty” nickname, gave Oilers fans about the only highlight of the night on Saturday. The TNT analyst and co-host of Barstool Sports’ “Spittin’ Chiclets” show paid off a lost bet by shaving his head. Only Bissonnette didn’t have his entire head shaved. Rather, strips were left on the sides, giving him a funny look.
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TNT’s Paul Bissonnette makes good on Oilers-Flames bet, gets quite the haircut

The Edmonton Oilers have looked pretty rough in the Western Conference Finals so far. Now, Paul Bissonnette has joined them in that regard. The former NHL player and current TNT analyst and Barstool Sports podcaster made good on a bet he made back in November with fellow “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast host Ryan Whitney over which Alberta-based NHL franchise would go further in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Paul Bissonnette: Wayne Gretzky still parties until 5 a.m. with TNT crew after games

The Great One is also great at crushing beers. Wayne Gretzky, now 61, still parties deep into the night, according to his TNT NHL colleague, Paul Bissonnette. “After these broadcasts, sometimes we go to Wayne’s room until like 4-5 in the morning,” Bissonnette said on “The Pat McAfee Show” earlier this week. “This guy is the biggest guy’s guy. He will crush beers. He will tell me all these iconic stories. Buddy, it’s a dream come true and that alone is incentive enough for me to fly out here once or twice a week and do this gig — just to hear these...

Paul Bissonnette shares funny Evgeni Malkin story

Paul “Biz Nasty” Bissonnette drew some attention on social media Wednesday after sharing his funny Evgeni Malkin story. Bissonnette is one of the analysts for Turner Sports’ NHL coverage. He was talking during an intermission report for the Montreal Canadiens-Vancouver Canucks game on TNT and brought up his Malkin story.

Ep. 3: Paul Bissonnette

On this episode of Blindsided, we welcome Paul Bissonnette. Paul is former NHL defenseman for the Phoenix Coyotes. He played in just about 200 games, but he’s one of the most well-known hockey players on the planet. He’s also a co-host of Spittin’ Chiclets. And while most know him for his loud, sometimes lewd, public persona ... there’s the Paul Bissonnette that players know: A great teammate. A great person. A great friend. Today on the show, he opens up about anxiety, coping with tragedy, self-medicating, and the stress of social media. Here’s Paul Bissonnette on Blindsided.
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Paul Bissonnette Talks TNT NHL Broadcast, Locker Room Stories, More in B/R AMA

With the 2021-22 NHL regular season set to begin, TNT hockey analyst Paul Bissonnette joined Bleacher Report for an AMA session Monday. Bissonnette will move to the broadcast booth this year after six seasons in the NHL as a player. He discussed his upcoming move and memorable moments in his playing career with fans during the Q&A.
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Off the Post: Paul Bissonnette ready for his second act

Paul Bissonnette — better known as “Biznasty” by the hockey world — may not have found stardom under the bright lights of the NHL, but he has made a name for himself by talking about the sport he loves. As one of the hosts of hit Barstool hockey podcast “Spittin’ Chiclets,” Bissonnette has become a notable name in the sports media industry — now a long way from throwing punches on the fourth line of the Arizona Coyotes.