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Cocaine, class and me: everyone in this town takes drugs, all the time – they’re part of the civic culture

A man walks into a chicken shop. This sounds like the beginning of a joke. Perhaps it is. For 18 months, I have worked in a chicken shop, and some days my situation feels like a punchline. In 2015, I quit my job at a property magazine in London and moved to Aberdeen, with two suitcases and a grand plan to write a book about the oil industry. Two years later, I washed up in a northern refinery town, with no money and an unfinished manuscript. I learned my scale. I got a job frying things.
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One of the Most Beautiful Swimming Holes in the Country is Located here in New York

A hidden gem within the Catskills region, Peekamoose Blue Hole is known for being a stunning oasis of crystal clear water surrounded by lush greenery. Located in the middle of the Sundown Wild Forest, Peekamoose is a depression in Rondout Creek, a unique formation created by sand and gravel swirling together in an ancient whirlpool. The creek is part of the New York City drinking water watershed. Unfortunately in recent years, this watering hole has been affected negatively by the presence of large crowds on summer weekends.

Civil War Lebanon Junction, KY: Union General William Tecumseh Sherman left to set ablaze S. Carolina (KY Civil War 4/4)

This report is 4/4 in the: Intro to the Civil War in Kentucky, by TwoSq Media. General William Tecumseh Sherman was the son of an Ohio Supreme Court Justice. After his father's sudden death in 1829, the family lived with family and friend. William Sherman eventually found himself in the care of Senator Thomas Ewing, whom helped Sherman enroll in the United States Military Academy; he graduated sixth in his class in 1940, according to American Battlefied Trust.

6 Hidden Indiana Waterfalls You Must See

You might sweat a little to get to some of these waterfalls. But the serene and tranquil refuge they offer makes it well worth it. Flowing through forests and tucked away in state parks, keep reading to out where these stunning 6 Indiana waterfalls are hiding.

Ohio congressman says Republicans will ‘go after’ birth control and gay rights next

The Democratic congressman running in one of the most significant races of the 2022 election cycle has warned Republicans will “go after” birth control and gay rights next.Tim Ryan, a centrist from Ohio running to replace retiring Republican Sen Rob Portman, was speaking after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade on Friday (24 June).“They want to go after birth control next, they want to go after same-sex marriage next... this is insanity and it has to stop,” Mr Ryan said.Click here to sign up for our newsletters.

‘An unspoken epidemic’: Homicide rate increase for Black women rivals that of Black men

In 2020, a year of rising homicides amid a devastating pandemic in the US, the increase in the death rate for Black women rivaled that of Black men. As homicides increased nearly 30% nationwide that year, the rate for Black women and girls rose 33%, a sharper increase than for every demographic except Black men, and more than double that of white women, according to a Guardian analysis of homicide data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hedgehog moves into St Ives rabbit's hutch and gives birth

A hedgehog took up squatters' rights in a pet rabbit's cosy hutch and promptly gave birth to four babies. The prickly pregnant creature moved into the hutch belonging to Rufus the rabbit in St Ives, in Cambridgeshire. The rabbit's owner, Andrea Finbow, said the hedgehog made itself a little nest...

Roe v Wade overturned – latest: Nationwide protests condemn Supreme Court decision as clinics close across US

Thousands of protesters hit the streets across the US on Friday and Saturday following the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the constitutional right to abortion care by overturning the landmark 1973 decision in Roe v Wade.Joe Biden has urged voters to support lawmakers who will codify abortion rights into law, calling the high court’s decision a “sad day” for the court and country after the court’s conservative majority took the unprecedented step to strip a constitutional right from Americans.The president also blamed former president Donald Trump for nominating justices willing to undermine established precedent, while clinics across...

Shooting at party in Winston-Salem injures man

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Just before 1:00 am on Saturday, Winston Salem Police said there was a large party on Monmouth Street. When officers arrived, they said there was evidence that shots were fired. One man showed up at a local hospital suffering from a single gunshot wound; his injuries...

Dark Days Lie Ahead For American Women. Here In Britain, We Cannot Take Our Eye Off The Ball

The overturning of Roe v Wade is almost too horrific to contemplate. Yesterday, millions upon millions of American women woke up to the news that, at the moment of fertilisation, their personhood and their rights cease to matter. The death and misery that will result from this decision should be anathema to any civilised nation. We can only watch in horror and solidarity as American women reel in mourning and in rage.