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The Walking Dead Season 11B – Ross Marquand, Lauren Ridloff, Eleanor Matsuura, Paola Lazaro and Lynn Collins on superpowers, music & mementos

Back in 2010, a certain Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) woke up from a coma to discover that the world was in ruins and he would have to lead a group of survivors to stay alive in the face of a zombie apocalypse. It was the start of The Walking Dead phenomenon. Now it draws to a conclusion with the second half of the eleventh and final season hitting our screens on the 20th of this month. The first half was the most in-demand show around when it aired last summer, so who knows what lies in store for part two? Not that it’s a show that does anything by halves.

The Walking Dead hit a home run by casting Paola Lázaro as Princess

The Walking Dead TV series has a lot to live up to when creating content based on the comic source material. The Walking Dead comic series is loved by so many, and it’s what got this massive universe started to begin with. Changing anything for the TV series will get some form of scrutiny. Some events and people have missed the mark on the TV show, but some have ended up far surpassing the goodness the comics contain.

‘The Walking Dead’: All Hail Princess (and Paola Lázaro)

Princess, a.k.a. Juanita Sanchez (Paola Lázaro) on The Walking Dead is a weird character. First introduced in issue #171 of the comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, and Season 10, Episode 14 of the AMC show, Princess is the manic pixie dream girl of the zombie apocalypse. She’s got purple streaked hair, an outrageous pink coat, carries a big gun, wears goggles, and has a tendency to treat everything like a weird joke that only she gets. Even by the standards of a show that once introduced a guy who owned a tiger, Princess is just plain bizarre.

Podcast – The Walking Dead 1020: Interview with Paola Lazaro

The Walking Dead has delivered some incredible episodes over the course of ten seasons and 150 episodes, but “Splinter” will go down as one of the best depictions of what it’s like when a person’s past and present collide. In episode 1020, Paola Lazaro delivers a stunning performance as Princess, and we were fortunate to be able to chat with her about the episode.