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‘Mork & Mindy’ Star Pam Dawber Opened Up About Reconnecting With Robin Williams Before Death

For four years, Pam Dawber said she had the thrill of a lifetime working alongside Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy. But after the series ended in 1982, they drifted apart. She married Mark Harmon and raised two sons while he became arguably one of the greatest comedians ever. But a few months before he died, producers on his new show set up a secret reconciliation between the two. Dawber called it a true “gift.”
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‘Mork & Mindy’ Star Pam Dawber Once Opened Up About Not Chasing Fame

“Mork & Mindy” star Pam Dawber revealed that she was never in acting for the fame. Instead, she’s spent her career doing what makes her happy. “I was in a No. 1 show,” Dawber explained. “And I had my own deal, I got to do Broadway. I got to do musical theater, I got to do cartoon voices, I did everything you can do in this business, and then I had children and it’s like, ‘I’m not going to chase this fame thing.'”

NCIS season 19 episode 2: Is Pam Dawber leaving role of Marcie Warren?

There were a handful of big moments on NCIS season 19 episode 2, and one of the biggest ones may very well be the exit of Pam Dawber. Is she gone for good? Well, the first thing we should note is that the Mork & Mindy star’s arc as Marcie Warren was originally supposed to be just four episodes at the end of last season. We had no idea that she would be stopping by for another two. We know that Mark Harmon’s real-life wife was asked a number of times to do the show over the years but long resisted until this role came along. She was gracious with her time, but tonight Marcie’s story seemed to come to a close.

NCIS season 19 premiere spoilers: Pam Dawber returning as Marcie

While it may have been a foregone conclusion to many that we would be seeing Pam Dawber back on NCIS season 19, isn’t it nice to have it be official? Marcie Warren still has a story to tell, and now, the rest of the NCIS team may be a little more involved.

‘NCIS’: Is Marcie Warren Actress Pam Dawber a Friend or Enemy in Upcoming Season 19?

An interesting NCIS theory is developing as fans of the drama look for something to obsess about until the show returns for the fall. So, here’s the latest theory. Is Marcie, the investigative journalist, the real serial killer? Is she the one who blew up Gibbs’ boat as he drove across the lake at the end of the NCIS finale last month? All we know that Gibbs still is alive and that he swam away from the wreckage.

Meet ‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon’s Wife and Co-Star: Pam Dawber

Mark Harmon and his better half are set to make their on-screen debut together during Tuesday night’s episode of “NCIS.”. Pam Dawber, who’s never appeared on the CBS procedural, will play investigative journalist, Marcie Warren who reaches out to Gibbs (Harmon) after learning about the events that led to his suspension in the show’s latest episode.

'He Just Gives Me Attagirls': Pam Dawber Reveals What It's Like Working Alongside Husband Mark Harmon On 'NCIS'

After making her highly anticipated NCIS debut, Mark Harmon’s wife, Pam Dawber, is spilling the beans about what it's really like working with her handsome hubby. The 69-year-old graced TV screens on Tuesday, April 6, as Marcie Warren, a "seasoned investigative journalist who uses her savvy wit and down-to-earth people skills to aid in her tireless pursuit of truth."

‘NCIS:’ Mark Harmon’s Wife Pam Dawber Cast in 4-Episode Arc

Mark Harmon will have a very familiar guest star with him on “NCIS.”. Harmon’s wife, Pam Dawber, is appearing in four episodes of the popular CBS crime drama series. According to TV Line, Pam Dawber will appear on the show starting Tuesday, April 6. She will then be a consistent character for four episodes before leaving the show again.