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Kristen Stewart & Pablo Larraín On ‘Spencer’s “Different Variations, Tones, Styles And Ideas” – Contenders Film: The Nominees

Click here to read the full article. For Neon and Topic Studios’ film Spencer, screenwriter Steven Knight and director Pablo Larraín used elements from various genres to craft a not-so-biographical drama about Princess Diana.  Starring the Oscar-nominated Kristen Stewart as the Princess, Larraín’s reimagining of a Royal Christmas at Sandringham journeys into the mind of a lonely and disturbed Diana as she navigates the “house rules” during the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles. The story follows the strict regimen of the princess’ days — wardrobe, endless formal family meals and a dramatic pheasant shoot — punctuated by Diana’s anxiety...
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Rosamund Pike to Lead Virus Thriller ‘Rich Flu,’ Pablo Larrain Producing

Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike is to star as the lead in Rich Flu, a poignant-sounding thriller in which a deadly disease starts killing off the wealthy. Directing by Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia (who made his feature debut in 2019 with the dystopian science fiction-horror The Platform) and from a script by Pedro Rivero and Gaztelu-Urrutia, the film is being produced by Spencer and Jackie director Pablo Larraín alongside Juan de Dios Larraín via their Fabula banner. Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls for Nostromo Pictures, plus Carlos Juárez, Gaztelu-Urrutia and Albert Soler also produce.More from The Hollywood ReporterBeijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Takes...
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'Spencer,’ ‘Jackie,' and How Pablo Larraín Pushes the Boundaries of Biopics

Pablo Larraín (Jackie and Spencer) is now known for his revitalizing approach to the biopic. Rather than relying on cliches or making a movie that spans the entire life of a public figure, Larraín's approach is to zero in on an event in a person's life, resulting in thematically rich movies that explore universal human experiences through the lenses of icons. With Jackie and Spencer under his belt, Pablo Larraín has stated his intention to cap off this unintended series of biopics with one more in a similar vein, creating a trilogy. With these films, Larraín has managed to breathe new life into the biopic genre, which was becoming increasingly cliche-ridden and stale.

How Kristen Stewart & Pablo Larraín Brought ‘Spencer’ To Life: “It Felt Like Taking Drugs”

After a charged premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Pablo Larraín’s Spencer has become one of this season’s hottest contenders. A haunting study of one particular Christmas at Sandringham for Diana, Princess of Wales, as her marriage falters and the Royal fairytale turns grim, Spencer features a landmark performance by Kristen Stewart that has catapulted her to the top of the Best Actress race. Joe Utichi meets Larraín and Stewart to dig deep into the production. What was the jumping-off point for Pablo Larraín and Kristen Stewart for the film that would become Spencer? The pair share a look and laugh. “It’s...

‘Spencer’ Director Pablo Larraín Endorses Chilean Oscar Entry ‘White on White’ (EXCLUSIVE)

“Spencer” director Pablo Larraín has thrown his weight behind Chilean Oscar entry “White on White” (“Blanco en Blanco”), hailing it as a “really interesting, strange and highly violent film.” “White on White” also addresses issues that are “highly unsettling and complex and which haven’t been resolved or at least discussed at sufficient length,” Larraín adds. His words come from a conversation, which he moderates, with “White on White’s” director Théo Court and star Alfredo Castro that forms the latest Academy Awards Edition of CinemaChile Talks. Some sort of sympathy for “White and White” may be inevitable. Larraín was once a student of Castro’s, a...

‘Spencer’ Director Pablo Larraín And Writer Steven Knight Mixed Fact With Fable To Explore An Unknowable Princess Diana – Contenders New York

Spencer director Pablo Larraín said Saturday that while he and screenwriter Steven Knight took different immersive paths when developing the film’s screenplay, the result was unlike any other he’d worked on: the finished script matched the final edit scene for scene. “The movie right now has the same order – exactly the same order – as the script… which is highly unusual,” Larraín said during a panel with Knight at Deadline’s Contenders Film: New York, adding that the Neon and Topic movie was conceived as a fable about the life of Princess Diana (played by Kristen Stewart) rather than a more...
Financial Times

Weekend: Seeing Princess Diana, with ‘Spencer’ director Pablo Larraín

Chilean director Pablo Larraín describes his creative process and FT political editor George Parker examines the UK’s House of Lords. Do we need another Princess Diana film? Maybe we do, actually. This weekend, we’re talking about new ways to see old things. Lilah speaks with director Pablo Larraín, who our film critic calls ‘one of the most consistently interesting directors in cinema today’. He explains the creative process behind his new film Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as Diana. Then, we ask the question: what is up with the House of Lords? The FT’s political editor George Parker explains why one of the world’s most prominent democracies has an entirely unelected house of legislature, with some seats passed down hereditarily to eldest sons.

Kristen Stewart and Pablo Larraín on the Scene When ‘Spencer’ Becomes a Nightmare Fantasy — Awards Spotlight

In Pablo Larraín’s “Spencer,” Princess Diana is unraveling. As played by Kristen Stewart at first with a sort of skittishness encased in glass, she eventually starts to break apart — whether building a scarecrow shrine to her dead father in the middle of a barren field, nipping at herself with wire cutters or, in one scene, ripping the pearls off her necklace and eating them out of her soup bowl at a decorous Christmas Eve Royal dinner. That’s partly because her marriage to Prince Charles is slowly disintegrating, but also because increased attention on her each and every day inside and outside the household is crushing her.

Pablo Larrain on How ‘Spencer’ Offers a “Cocktail of Respect and Freedom” to Princess Diana

In Neon’s Spencer, Kristen Stewart gives a beguiling performance as Princess Diana of Wales. Taking place over three days during the Christmas holiday as the royal family gathers to enjoy extravagant meals and throw shooting parties in the country, the film sees Diana falling apart at the seams. With rumors of Prince Charles’ infidelity looming over her — as well as the crushing weight of royal tradition that leaves the princess losing any semblance of control over her life and body — Spencer resembles a psychological thriller about the dissolution of a marriage and a woman on the verge of...

Pablo Larraín On All Things ‘Spencer’ And His Cinematic Fascination With Iconic Women From Jackie To Diana – Behind The Lens

Pablo Larraín joins me on the premiere of our new Oscar-season edition of my Deadline video series Behind the Lens as we explore and dissect the ever-growing fascinating film career of this Chilean-born international auteur. His latest movie, Spencer, has been drawing Oscar buzz ever since its debut earlier in the fall at the Venice Film Festival.

'Spencer' director Pablo Larraín on filming Princess Diana period piece

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — 'Spencer' is one of the most talked about films and biggest Oscar contenders of the year, with Kristen Stewart getting the best reviews of her career portraying the late Princess Diana. Kidd spoke with acclaimed director Pablo Larraín about what it was like to bring such an iconic figure to the big screen.

“Spencer” Director Pablo Larraín Reveals Why Kristen Stewart was Perfect for the Role of Princess Diana

A new film takes a look at the life of the Late Princess Diana at the cusp of a difficult decision. Watch as Director Pablo Larraín chats with Good Day NWA about his movie, “Spencer.” He fills us in on the choice to put Kristen Stewart in the leading role, the reason to set the film against the backdrop of a critical family moment, and if he’s heard any response from the Royal Family.

How Pablo Larrain Depicts Sorrow Through the Eyes of Famous Women in ‘Jackie’ and ‘Spencer’

Grief hits all of us in a distinct, unique way. Losing someone or something wraps around you like thorns on a flower’s stem. The sharp, protruding apparatuses are present to encase the beauty that’s displayed like a do not touch sign on an art gallery. While many of us can retreat to the arms and hands of those who love us with a semblance of privacy, this is very different for those who bear the sheering light in the public eye. It’s as if they are wearing two globes of burden on their backs, the sadness inside themselves and the tears that we shed for them. There’s a difference between the public mourning we get to partake in and the secret tears that stain their pillowcases during the night that we can’t see.

Spencer Director Pablo Larrain Doesn't Think He's The Right Person To Make A Britney Spears Movie [Exclusive]

Pablo Larraín's "Spencer" begins with the title card, "A fable from a true tragedy." As those who watched his 2016 Jacqueline Kennedy film "Jackie" know, Larraín knows exactly how to transform what could've been a stodgy, dull biopic into a quietly meditative — but incredibly compelling — story that humanizes larger-than-life figures and uncovers new layers that far too many of us may have neglected to consider with their real-life counterparts. In "Spencer," Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana is subjected to a seemingly never-ending holiday weekend with her family at a crucial crossroads. Rather than detailing the full extent of her too-short life, however, Larraín distills much of her troubles (both private and in the public eye) into this brief and fictionalized few days. The result of this bold and deceptively layered approach, to put it frankly, speaks for itself.

Spencer Director Pablo Larraín Wants To Knock Down The Castle Around The Fantasy Of Diana [Interview]

Diana Spencer was the perfect fairy tale princess ... until she wasn't. The "People's Princess" is the ultimate tragic figure of recent historical memory; a victim of the parasitic '90s tabloid culture, of the antiquated royal institution that raised her up and threatened to break her down, and of course, of the "fairy tale" fantasy that turned out to be so poisonous and ghastly that any illusions about the nobility of the crown died with Diana.