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Former SAS Operative Peter McAleese Describes How He Was Sent To Kill Pablo Escobar

A former SAS operative who was tasked with killing notorious drug lord and Medellin cartel leader Pablo Escobar has opened the lid on his remarkable story. Speaking on podcast Anything Goes with James English, Peter McAleese explained how he was hired as a mercenary in 1992 and asked to train a team that would fly into Escobar's territory with the express mission of killing the infamous gangster.
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The Untold Truth Of Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was one of the world's richest men and most notorious criminals. Born in Colombia in 1949, Escobar first turned to crime in his teenage years. According to Britannica, he reportedly began by creating fake diplomas and report cards as well as stealing cars, stereo equipment, and tombstones in order to make a profit. Escobar was first arrested in 1974, in his mid-20s, for stealing a car.
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'The Money Was The Soft Spot': 'The Infiltrator' On Taking Down Pablo Escobar and Tampa's Robert Mazur talks about the life behind 'The Infiltrator'

'The Money Was The Soft Spot': 'The Infiltrator' On Taking Down Pablo Escobar and Tampa's Robert Mazur talks about the life behind 'The Infiltrator'. Tampa's Robert Mazur talks about the life behind 'The Infiltrator' and 'The Money Was The Soft Spot': 'The Infiltrator' On Taking Down Pablo Escobar. Balloon release...
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This Is When Pablo Escobar Started His Criminal Life

Dubbed "The King of Cocaine" and "El Patron" (the boss), Pablo Escobar was once the most infamous drug lord and narcoterrorist in the world. He was also the richest ever. At the peak of the cocaine trade in the 1980s, Escobar was earning $420 million a week in revenue (per Business Insider). And at the time of his death in 1993, Escobar was worth an estimated US $30 billion (the equivalent to US $59 billion today), making him the wealthiest criminal in history. In fact, when Forbes debuted its now-famous "billionaires list" in 1987, Escobar was included as one of the "100 richest people in the world." He was listed as number 7.

Peter McAleese: ex-SAS operative hired to kill Pablo Escobar

A FORMER SAS operative who was tasked with assassinating the world's biggest drug baron is part of a new feature-length documentary about the daring mission. It tells the true story of Scottish mercenary and ex-SAS operative Peter McAleese, who, while living in Hereford, was hired by a rival Colombian drug cartel to lead a small team of ex-special forces commandos on a mission to kill Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord in 1989.

How much would you pay for the Porsche that Pablo Escobar drove?

Historic cars are even more valuable when they have belonged to a relevant personality or a public figure who, it can be said, has made history in one sense or another. Once any of these models is located, it is common to see it in auctions and bids attended by the most fans of both motor and historical events willing to pay millions to go home with the auctioned trophy.

1974 Porsche 911 RSR race car owned by Pablo Escobar is for sale

A 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSR IROC race car owned by infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar—and raced by Emerson Fiitipaldi—is up for sale through DuPont Registry. The asking price is a cocaine-kingpin worthy $2.2 million. Short for International Race of Champions, IROC is a defunct racing series that featured...

The Scottish mercenary hired to kill Pablo Escobar

In 1989 a team of British mercenaries, led by Scotsman Peter McAleese, travelled to the criminal empire of the world's most dangerous man in order to assassinate him. Pablo Escobar was the leader of the Medellin drugs cartel in Colombia and one of the wealthiest villain's in history. He was...
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A ’74 Porsche 911 Racer Once Owned by Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar Just Went up for Sale

Looking to add something unusual to your automobile collection? How about a ’70s-era race car that was once owned by one of the most infamous criminals of the 20th century?. The vehicle is in question is a 1974 Porsche 911 RSR that competed in the inaugural International Race of Champions (IROC) and was just posted for sale by Atlantis Motor Group. The yellow racer also once happened to be part of late Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s personal car collection.

Porsche 911 RSR Once Owned By Pablo Escobar Commands $2.2 Million Asking Price

An exceptionally rare 1974 Porsche 911 RSR with an interesting ownership history is currently up for sale through Atlantis Motor Group. Just 15 cars like these were created for the 1974 International Race of Champions series, of which 12 were raced and 3 were used as spares. This car was raced by Emerson Fittipaldi and during the inaugural race of the series, qualified on pole position.