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Paapa Essiedu in Time Loop Sci-Fi Series 'The Lazarus Project' Trailer

"You can't turn back time to stop what happened to Sarah." Sky TV has premiered this new sci-fi series streaming this year, and it's also available in the US now as well. The Lazarus Project follows the story of George as he begins to re-live time after witnessing the end of the world. It's a clever new time loop series involving a secret group known as "The Lazarus Project" – a team of agents who prevent global catastrophe by turning back time. This trailer includes a few scenes where they explain how they set reset points every year. Paapa Essiedu stars as George, who has a personal stake in this when his wife & child are killed in a tragic accident, and he hopes this might help save them. The cast includes Tom Burke, Anjli Mohindra, Caroline Quentin, Charly Clive, Rudi Dharmalingam, Lorn Macdonald, Vinette Robinson, and Brian Gleeson. This is a cool concept and this trailer promises plenty of action, I just hope it has a scale that is befitting the concept and not limited to the usual made-for-TV scope. It just might be worth a watch.
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The Lazarus Project review: Paapa Essiedu makes a sweet, upbeat everyman – but can we face another pandemic storyline?

Hands up if you don’t want to see another pandemic-related storyline ever again. If your hand’s raised, fair warning: you’ll be in for a pang of horror in the first few minutes of The Lazarus Project. On the bright side, the crisis that kicks off this plot isn’t Covid – but if the sight of masks, fevers and widespread despair turns you off, then you might be tempted to do the same to this dystopian drama. Stick with it, though, and you may find yourself drawn into a world of perfectly enjoyable, time-shifting intrigue.For the most part, our protagonist...

Paapa Essiedu on grief, doubt and fury at Boris Johnson: ‘Bigotry is the backbone of his character’

Paapa Essiedu greets me at his local caff in London. He has a cold drink in his hand, and a bag featuring Basquiat-style daubings hangs over one shoulder. Essiedu is wearing huge shades, black nail varnish, a designer T-shirt that translates Jamaican patois into the Queen’s English, an open shirt and the coolest two-tone raincoat you’ve ever seen. He seems eye-poppingly confident.

Top drama school apologises to Paapa Essiedu and Michaela Coel for ‘appalling’ racism

A prestigious drama school has apologised for the “appalling” racism experienced by the actors Paapa Essiedu and Michaela Coel while they were students there. In an interview for the Guardian’s Saturday magazine, Essiedu described how a teacher taking part in an improvisation used a racial slur. “Suddenly she shouted: ‘Hey you, N-word, what have you got behind you?’” he said, choosing not to repeat the word. Essiedu and Coel were the only two black students in the group. Essiedu was told by the same teacher that he did not enunciate clearly and that he spoke as if his mouth was “full of chocolate cake”.

Paapa Essiedu and Michaela Coel Receive Apology for ‘Appalling’ Racism at Prestigious Drama School

Click here to read the full article. Michaela Coel and Paapa Essiedu received a formal apology from shared alma mater Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The prestigious U.K.-based school addressed the “appalling” racism the “I May Destroy You” co-stars endured during their tenure. Essiedu most recently spoke out about how a teacher used racial slurs during an improvisation exercise; the professor played a prison officer looking for drugs among prisoners, portrayed by the students. “Suddenly she shouted: ‘Hey you, N-word, what have you got behind you?'” Essiedu told The Guardian. “That was a real ‘time stops’ moment. It was like, surely...
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Prestigious Drama School Apologizes to Michaela Coel, Paapa Essiedu for Racism

A drama school ranked top 10 in the world issued a formal apology to Michaela Coel and Paapa Essiedu following an interview with The Guardian in which Essiedu described a racist incident. Coel and Essideu—the only Black students in the group—watched as a teacher performed an improvisation in which she played a prison officer looking for drugs from prisoners, who were played by students. “Suddenly she shouted: ‘Hey you, N-word, what have you got behind you?’” Essiedu recalled. The teacher later told Essiedu he didn’t enunciate clearly and that he spoke as if his mouth was “full of chocolate cake.” Essiedu said they were “shellshocked.” A spokesperson from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama told The Guardian that what the pair experienced was unacceptable. The school said it was working on “commissioning an external report into historic racism” and completing a “comprehensive and ongoing process of staff training and reflection.”

Paapa Essiedu: ​“Michaela and I have such a shorthand”

On your big screen and your small screen, Paapa Essiedu is having quite a time of it this coming month. In new Sky thriller The Lazarus Project, the actor plays George, a mild-mannered app-developer in London whose dreams of making a tech fortune from his start-up are rudely interrupted by the discovery that he can – wait, what’s that? Turn back time when life gets a bit too difficult? Yep. Then, he’s tapped up by a shadowy, gun-toting, bomb-throwing outfit who do that kind of stuff for a living, all in the service of averting global disaster? Rrrright.

Paapa Essiedu on Alex Garland’s Hugely Divisive ‘Men’ and Attending the ‘Pretty Weird’ Met Gala

Click here to read the full article. Paapa Essiedu has appeared in fare as varied as Michaela Coel’s critically acclaimed drama “I May Destroy You” and crime series “Gangs of London” but his latest turn, as James in Alex Garland’s latest feature “Men,” may be his most unusual role yet. The opinion-splitting film – described by Variety as a “folk-horror bizart-house offering” – sees Jessie Buckley (“The Lost Daughter”) as a woman trying to get over the shocking death of her husband (played by Essiedu) after he falls out of a window, a scene rendered in the film in painstaking...

Men Star Paapa Essiedu On Haunting Jessie Buckley [Interview]

Paapa Essiedu has one of the most difficult, and perhaps easiest jobs of Alex Garland's surreal folk horror film "Men" — he barely appears in the film at all. But while Essiedu only had to show up to set for maybe a handful of days, the challenge lay in making an impact in his few key scenes so that his character, Harper's (Jessie Buckley) former boyfriend James, would loom over the entire film.