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Globalization And Its Discontents: Sir Oswald Mosley, A Story

(Sir Oswald Mosley, a member of the British Labour Government in the 1920s and rising political leader of the left, was an early critic of globalization, urging instead a self-sufficient “home market” economy. His home market program was never implemented, and he lost all political influence when he later allied with fascist movements. But he was one of the first to see certain trade-offs of globalization, especially for the working classes.).
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Was Oswald Mosley a Nazi in Real Life? How Did He Die?

The period crime drama series ‘Peaky Blinders’ take place between the two World Wars and revolves around the Shelby family, the leaders of the eponymous street gang in Birmingham. The show has one of the most diverse sets of antagonists in the history of television. In season 5, we are introduced to Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin), the MP for Smethwick, which is the neighboring constituency of Tommy Shelby’s Birmingham South. Mosley is also the Minister of the Duchy of Lancaster, the Cabinet adviser to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and the deputy to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Shortly before his meeting with Mosley, Tommy describes him as the Devil to his family. Mosley harbors fascist beliefs and apparently knows Adolf Hitler. If that has made you wonder whether the real Oswald Mosley is a Nazi, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.
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The True Story Behind Peaky Blinders's Latest Villain, Oswald Mosley

Peaky Blinders is finally returning to our screens for its sixth and final season, and per usual, the Shelby family means business. In season five, among other adversaries, Tommy and his family met the controversial British politician Sir Oswald Mosley (portrayed by Sam Claflin). Though most Peaky Blinders characters tend to be fictional, sometimes the writers weave real people from history into the story. Mosley is one such character, a real historical figure who led Britain's anti-Semitic fascist movement during the 1930s. And thanks to the official trailer released on New Year's Day, we know he is 100 percent returning for the series finale.