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Osmo Vänskä: Let players look after the orchestra

In a Minnesota farewell interview with Pamela Espeland, the music director reflects on the disastrous 15-month lockout of 2012-14, in which he was the first US music director openly to side with the players in a labour dispute. One thing which is really important to me is that after the...
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Osmo Vänskä Adds a Complete 10th to His Mahler Cycle-In-Progress

There are dozens of recorded cycles of the Mahler symphonies that call themselves “complete.” Yet of these, only about five ought to be considered genuinely complete. These are the ones that dare to include all five movements of the Symphony No. 10, which, though unfinished by the time Mahler died in 1911 at the age of 50, was sketched out in an unbroken line from start to finish. Osmo Vänskä’s emerging cycle with the Minnesota Orchestra aims to join the few that include the whole 10th, which has been just issued on a splendid-sounding SACD (BIS).

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 – Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä

Left unfinished at the death of the composer, Gustav Mahler’s Tenth Symphony has exerted an enormous fascination on musicologists as well as musicians. Over the years, Alma Mahler, the composer’s widow, released more and more of Mahler’s sketches, and gradually it became clear that he had written an entire five-movement symphony in short score. Of this, nearly half had reached the stage of a draft orchestration, while the rest contained indications of the intended instrumentation. Over the years, a number of different completions have seen the light of day. One of the most often performed and recorded of these is that by Deryck Cooke, who insisted that his edition was not a completion of the work but rather a functional presentation of the materials as Mahler left them. Cooke’s version is the one that Osmo Vänskä has chosen for the seventh installment in his Mahler series with the Minnesota Orchestra.