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Oliver Dowden denies making light of ‘partygate’ with champagne donation

The Tory party chairman has denied making light of Downing Street parties after donating a champagne bottle signed by the Prime Minister to a charity auction.The item was advertised to bidders as a “souvenir of partygate” at an event in Hertfordshire.A spokesperson for Mr Dowden confirmed he had donated the bottle, but insisted he had “no prior knowledge” of its controversial description.This was confirmed by the charity behind the fundraiser, the Hertfordshire Community Foundation, as it apologised for “any offence caused”.Statement from HCF about our fundraising event last night: This item was donated in good faith several months ago as...
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Oliver Dowden complains of Labour and Lib Dem ‘electoral pact’ – but there’s one small problem

With this year’s local elections just days away, culture secretary turned Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden is a bit concerned about a reported “electoral pact” between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.In a letter to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Mr Dowden alleges the rumoured plans “deny voters a proper democratic choice”, but appears to forget what happened in the 2019 general election.Back then, Nigel Farage stood down 317 Brexit Party candidates in 2019 to help the Conservatives deliver Brexit. The former Ukip leader also claimed he was offered a peerage just days before announcing his decision.Describing the decision as a...

Partygate: Removing PM would lead to instability, says Oliver Dowden

Removing Boris Johnson from Downing Street would lead to "instability and uncertainty" in the country, according to the Conservative Party's chairman. The PM has come under increasing pressure from MPs after being fined by the police for attending a party in No 10 during the first lockdown. Some senior Tories...

Changing Prime Minister is not in national interest - Oliver Dowden

Conservative co-chairman Oliver Dowden has said that changing the prime minister at this time would would "not be in the national interest". Speaking to Sophie Raworth on the BBC's Sunday Morning programme, Mr Dowden defended Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in light of a fine he received for attending a party at 10 Downing Street.

Actor Samuel West owns Oliver Dowden over St George’s Day Shakespeare quote blunder

Actor Samuel West has handed out an English lesson to Oliver Dowden, after the MP posted a Shakespeare quote to mark St George’s Day. Dowden tweeted a line from the most famous speech from Richard II as he made a patriotic statement to mark the day. However, he clearly didn’t realise that as the speech continues, it comes to have unexpected (and completely non-patriotic) meaning. “This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,” Downen wrote. Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletter The line is spoken by John of Gaunt in the 1590s history play, but if you read further on, it’s...

Boris Johnson is ‘desperate’ to visit Ukraine, says Oliver Dowden

Boris Johnson is “desperate” to visit Ukraine to “experience what is happening there” during the devastating invasion by Russian forces, a minister has said.Tory party chairman Oliver Dowden argued the risky visit would be important to enable the Prime Minister to “see what’s going on on the ground”.Reports have suggested that security officials are nervous about Mr Johnson’s apparent desire to visit Kyiv for talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky.Prime Minister Boris Johnson is "desperate" to go to Ukraine to "experience what is happening there," according to Tory Party chairman Oliver Dowden.@AndrewMarr9 | Read more:— LBC (@LBC) March 21,...

Oliver Dowden talked about 'privet hedges of freedom' and the jokes wrote themselves

Oliver Dowden followed in Boris Johnson's footsteps with "gloriously bad" comments in a bizarre attack on the left hailed the "calm suburbia of Hertfordshire". During a speech at their spring conference in Blackpool, the Chairman of the Conservative Party launched into the virtues of "the privet hedges of suburbia".He said: "As I walk with my children through the calm suburbia of Hertfordshire, its values so derided by the left, I actually reflect on the great fortune we have to live in a nation defined by stability, security… and, yes, Conservatism."For me, the privet hedges of suburbia are the privet hedges...

Tories to launch two-year election campaign in May, says Oliver Dowden

Conservatives have been told to fight a two-year general election campaign, starting with local polls in May. Party chairman Oliver Dowden warned activists to expect a far tougher fight that at the 2019 general election, which resulted in a landslide. In a speech to the party's spring conference in Blackpool,...

Oliver Dowden says we should stop 'obsessing over pronouns' in speech to right-wing think-tank

It really is something when Oliver Dowden, former minister and chair of a political party which is currently dealing with a soap opera-like scandal about cake, complains about a so-called “painful woke psychodrama”.The ex-culture secretary made the comments in a speech to The Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think-tank.Mr Dowden told attendees a West which is “confident in its values” would not be “obsessing over pronouns or indeed seeking to decolonise mathematics” – in an address which no doubt saw him obsessing over pronouns.“Rogue states are seeking to challenge the international order. And at the precise point when our resolve ought...

Oliver Dowden on Christmas party for Conservative staff

The Conservative Party chairman has told people to "keep calm and carry on with their plans" for Christmas get-togethers. Oliver Dowden said he has "no plans to cancel" the staff parties in London and Leeds offices, which he described as a "normal Christmas gathering". Last year's party in Downing Street...

Oliver Dowden: Keep calm and carry on with Christmas plans

Partygoers have been urged to “keep calm and carry on” with their Christmas festivities, despite scientists raising the alarm about the risks associated with gathering for social events.The Conservative Party chairman, Oliver Dowden said his party had no intention of cancelling its own Christmas drinks, and that others should continue with their celebrations.It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson who received his booster dose of the Covid vaccine on Thursday, urged the public to “continue as they are” within the new measures introduced to stop the spread of the virus, following the emergence of the Omicron variant.Senior Tories,...

Boris Johnson hasn’t ‘lost star quality’ after swing towards Labour in Tory safe seat, Oliver Dowden insists

Tory chairman Oliver Dowden has attempted to insist Boris Johnson hasn’t “lost any of his star quality” after the party won a by-election in a safe suburban seat, but suffered a dented majority and a 10-point swing towards Labour.Results from the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election — triggered after the death of the former Conservative cabinet minister, James Brokenshire — showed the party’s candidate, Louie French, won more than half the votes.But with a low turnout, the Tories’ majority was cut from almost 19,000 that Mr Brokenshire won at the 2019 general election, to 4,478.More significantly, the party’s vote share...

Conservative conference: Get off your Pelotons and back to work, says Oliver Dowden

"People need to get off their Pelotons and back to their desks," Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden has said. The ex-culture secretary said civil servants working from home should "lead by example" by returning to the office. A union representing civil servants said his comments were an "insult" to thousands...