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Special Address at Davos 2022 by Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, in full

Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, delivered a special address at Davos 2022. His speech focused on upholding a global rules-based order, and valuing freedom, sovereignty and self-determination. He warned that 'deglobalization' and 're-nationalization' will cause more harm than good. Ladies and gentleman,. We have experienced a thunderbolt which struck...
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Olaf Scholz, German chancellor, ‘denied Kyiv most weapons it wanted’

Germany's chancellor is being accused of blocking the delivery of tanks to Ukraine and crossing out two-thirds of the items on Kyiv’s military wish list. The country has come under fire for allegedly refusing to directly send heavy weapons to Ukraine, even as allies such as the United States, Britain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands boost their deliveries.

Germany’s Olaf Scholz warns Russia not to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, amid Nato ‘false-flag’ fears

Germany’s Olaf Scholz has issued a fresh warning to Vladimir Putin not to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, after Nato’s chief alleged that Russia could be preparing a pretext to launch such an attack.Speaking to reporters after a Nato summit in Brussels, in which the alliance agreed to send hazmat suits to Ukraine, Berlin’s chancellor said: “Should Russia be preparing a false-flag operation in order to use such weapons, this would be in violation of all rules, agreements and conventions.”Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg also warned on Thursday that Russia could be laying the grounds to justify using chemical weapons in...

Boring To 'Historic': The Awakening Of Germany's Olaf Scholz

Often described as predictable and "robotic", Chancellor Olaf Scholz has become emboldened since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, smashing policy taboos to steer Germany into "a new era" that could reshape its role on the world stage. Just a few weeks ago, German media were openly asking "where is Scholz?", slamming...