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Death Stranding 2 under development confirms Norman Reedus

During an interview with Leo magazine actor Norman Reedus has confirmed that a sequel to the original Death Stranding game has started stating “we just started the second one”. Unfortunately no further details on when Death Stranding 2 will be available to play have been announced as yet but as soon more information is made available will keep you up to speed as always.
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Death Stranding 2: Hideo Kojima responds to Norman Reedus leak

Over the weekend, an interview with The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus made waves across the internet as the actor seemingly revealed that a sequel to Death Stranding is currently in the works. Reedus, who starred as Sam Porter Bridge in the action game from Hideo Kojima, was asked about Death Stranding to which he responded: “We just started the second one.”

Hideo Kojima Punishes Norman Reedus For Death Stranding 2 Leak

Hideo Kojima is known for preserving a mystery around his games, it's kind of his thing. While there may be examples prior to this, the most significant examples began with Metal Gear Solid 2. Players bought the game assuming they'd be playing as Solid Snake once again and the game had been marketed that way. Very early on in the game, the rug was pulled out from players and they were introduced to Raiden, a character that would then become the playable protagonist of the game. With Metal Gear Solid V, the game was announced as nothing more than The Phantom Pain and was being made by a new developer named Moby Dick Studio. It was later revealed that this was the next Metal Gear Solid game, but only after an exhaustive amount of viral marketing. And finally, there was PT, another fake game from a fake studio that was later revealed to be a new Silent Hill.

Norman Reedus: ‘We Just Started the Second’ Death Stranding

After saying it was in “negotiations” in August 2021, it appears as though Kojima Productions is going forward with another Death Stranding, according to actor Norman Reedus. In an interview with Leo Edit, when prompted about his career and Death Stranding, Reedus, who starred as Sam “Porter” Bridges...

Norman Reedus Reveals What He Kept From The Walking Dead's Final Season

Norman Reedus reveals how he put a bow on The Walking Dead: by keeping Daryl Dixon's bows. Reedus has played the crossbow-wielding zombie apocalypse survivor for all eleven seasons of the zombie drama, which will end after a 12-year run later this year on AMC. Ahead of the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead — and Reedus' return in Daryl's solo spinoff set to film and take place in Europe this summer — Reedus has opened up about his final day on set and the keepsakes he took home.

The Walking Dead: What Norman Reedus took the last day on set

The Walking Dead series completed filming for the final episode of the series in March. This was a sad day for the cast, crew, and fans. We won’t see the last episodes until the fall but knowing that filming has finished is a harsh reality within the fandom that this series is indeed coming to an end. Norman Reedus shared his experience of the last day on set.