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What are these serial killer subplots doing in Nora Ephron movies?

You’ve Got Mail is a many splendored thing: a fascinating, variegated film that braids together themes of hope and despair, friendship and heartbreak, love and hatred, preservation and destruction, resistance and surrender, technology and analogs. It is a depressed capitalist critique, a doting literary pastiche, a valentine to New York City, a paean to mom-and-pop-shops, a tortured love story, a nervous prognostication about the digital world to come. It is everything, except maybe a murder mystery. It is not a murder mystery. Except it almost was, a little bit.
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The Nora Ephron Novel That Is Almost A Cookbook

Nora Ephron was a prolific writer, journalist, novelist, and screenwriter. It is no secret that she had a variety of talents and roles. This includes being the author of "Heartburn" a book loosely based on Ephron's split from her fellow journalist husband, Carl Bernstein. The successful novel was eventually made into a film that features Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep (via The New York Times). In the book, the protagonist, Rachel, is a food writer who is married to a philandering journalist named Mark.

Episode 6: Nora Ephron

In this episode, co-hosts Jennifer and Zakiya discuss the life and work of prolific, multi-talented—and dramatic—writer Nora Ephron with pop culture journalist Erin Carlson, author of I’ll Have What She’s Having: How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved the Romantic Comedy. Nora Ephron was a...

How To Dress Like A Nora Ephron Character

Nora Ephron, film legend and adored essayist, understood main character energy at the height of the ‘90s. Her two most iconic movies are the ultimate argument for complicated relationships in the complicated city she adores, New York: When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. Her character’s dressed in a way that was headstrong yet simple — a reflection of Ephron, who wrote many essays exploring her own relationship to fashion. While a black turtleneck or an oversized button-down are timeless basics, thanks to Ephron, they became iconic ‘90s fashion trends, part of the minimalist, classic aesthetic perfected also by celebs like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Gwyneth Paltrow along with designers like Calvin Klein and Miuccia Prada.

29 Autumnal Buys For Every Aesthetic, From Goblincore To Nora Ephron

Autumn is a time for cosy recipes, panic searching for halloween costume ideas, and contentedly cancelling plans in favour of just sitting on the sofa. But there are many ways people want to embrace the season, depending on their aesthetic sensibilities: some prefer go full Meg Ryan while others lean into more earthy interpretations; some go full spooky, while others still sincerely love the pumpkin patch. All look different but appreciate the season in their own way.

You Probably Didn't Know Nora Ephron Had Her Own Salad Dressing Recipe

The late Nora Ephron — writer, director, journalist, filmmaker, and novelist — was also a gourmet who was clearly passionate about food, and that is clear throughout her beloved novel (and the subsequent movie) "Heartburn." There may be no movie genre more comforting than Nora Ephron romantic comedy: the light-hearted...

How Nora Ephron and social media inspired Forever35 host Kate Spencer's debut romance novel

It's the catchy chorus of a Don Henley song, but also an eternal truth and the idea at the heart of Kate Spencer's forthcoming rom-com. Spencer — author the memoir The Dead Moms Club and cohost of the beloved podcast Forever35 — is making her fiction debut with In a New York Minute. The book is an encapsulation of all the things she loves, including Nora Ephron and the Big Apple.

All 14 Nora Ephron Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Like many people, my quarantine was characterized by a lot of TV time. While I found myself sitting at home, I turned to movies and television shows I had never seen before, whether it was vintage film classics like Sabrina or juicy dramas like Gossip Girl. But one day, upon...
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“Writers Write.” Laura Dave on Writerly Affirmations and Love for Nora Ephron

Laura Dave’s novel, The Last Thing He Told Me, is available now, so we asked her a few questions about her writing practice, idols, and influences. I just love this question. I had a teacher in graduate school who said we should imagine writing a novel as if it were a love letter to one, specific person. I love that idea. I worked on The Last Thing He Told Me on and off for eight years. I even wrote about throwing out the first draft for Lit Hub. The vastly different iteration that is making its way into the world concretized for me after I gave birth to my child in 2016. And this story became a love letter to him. So, one day, I can’t wait for him to read it.