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Israeli Singer Noga Erez Makes US TV Debut Performing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Israeli singer-songwriter Noga Erez made her debut on American network television Monday night with a performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”. From a remote location, Erez and her band performed “Views,” her collaboration with Reo Cragun and her creative and life partner Ori Rousso. A critique of the digital era and people buying fake “views” on social media, the song’s lyrics include: “People buy views, I know it’s old news/ But I got bad news for everybody/ Holy water is no juice, but I know us Jews/ We don’t like to lose to anybody.” The track is off Erez’s new album “Kids,” which was released in March.
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Noga Erez Performs ‘Views’ Among Plants on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Israeli artist Noga Erez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night to perform “Views,” a song off her latest album Kids. In a set-up reminiscent of NPR’s Tiny Desk at-home series during the pandemic, Erez and her band performed together in a tiny room, surrounded by lush house plants and succulents. (The set comes courtesy of the Israeli virtual concert series The Succulent Sessions, for which Erez is a featured performer.) Joined by her partner and fellow Israeli musician Rousso, Erez took shots at fake people buying “views” on social media — “People buy views, I know it’s old news/But also bad news for everybody” — while her band punctuated her raps with trumpet blares and a steady drumbeat.
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Watch Noga Erez Give A Sly, Funky Kimmel Performance

Last month, the playful Tel Aviv pop artist Noga Erez released her album KIDS, a swaggering pileup of loping grooves and snarky commentary. Last night, she took that whole sound to American television audiences, giving a bright and engaging performance of her social-media lament “Views.”. “Views” is a half-rapped song...

Noga Erez Makes Late Night TV Debut Performing “VIEWS” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Noga Erez made her late-night TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing her “groovy” (V Mag) single “VIEWS.” The performance sees Noga and her creative & life partner Ori Rousso amidst a five-piece band and an array of greenery and house plants. Read more via Rolling Stone:. “VIEWS” is...

Noga Erez, “KIDS”

Israeli pop artist Noga Erez’s sophomore album KIDS is a messy, confrontational, entrancing explosion of conceptual observations and socio-political references. Produced with her partner Ori Rousso, KIDS is an exciting concoction featuring referential nods to Kendrick Lamar and Gorillaz, with Erez’s voice constantly zagging from deadpan rap to seductive, sleepy-eyed coos. The album’s 13 tracks are a collision of familial importance and generation-rearing with the bliss and burnout of the pandemic restructuring everything we understand as normal.
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Noga Erez live in Tel Aviv: communal spirit, ‘American Utopia’-style

It is only when you witness this much communal spirit on stage that you realise how deeply you miss the buzzing energy of a live gig. Noga Erez’s transformative and hopeful show – billed as KIDS: A New Album Experience, after the Israeli artist’s outstanding recent record, released last week (March 26) – sees the vocalist and her troupe of charismatic dancers execute something so palpable, so moving, that it breathes new life into the live-streamed gig can achieve.

Noga Erez Releases Fire Kites (LIVE)

“stacked with the kind of deep hooks that can captivate legions, while the songs strut and rage with fearless abandon”. “takes the kitchen-sink pop approach of Gorillaz and does it one better”. — AV Club. “heat”. — The Needle Drop. “in your face”. — NPR Weekend Edition’s Scott Simon. “pop...

Noga Erez on Making Pop Music in Locked Down Israel

In the three years since the release of her debut album Off the Radar, Noga Erez has pushed herself to not only create bolder pop songs, but tell more personal stories. While Erez's 2017 debut came with limited expectations, the Israeli musician and producer felt the pressure of the sophomore album. "I feel like when you release your first album, you release everything you've worked on your entire life until that point," Erez told PAPER on a recent phone call. "But then the second album, we started writing it with the understanding that there are people expecting it. There will be someone listening to it."

Noga Erez, Kids, review: like going to a protest that turns into a rave

“Kids these days” is the refrain of Noga Erez’s confident, alluring second album. The Israeli singer/producer’s 2017 debut Off the Radar was full of brassy agitpop and Kids picks up where it left off: this album is like going to a protest that turns into a rave. Erez rejects minimalism...
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Noga Erez

Watch Noga Erez performs on 04/02/2021 at 9pm EST on Find more virtual performances from your favorite music, artists and bands.
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Noga Erez Tells Her ‘Story’ with New Single

Israeli pop star Noga Erez is turning heads and attracting ears all over the world with her unique and adventurous take on music. After singles and videos for such songs as “End of the Road” and “Views,” Erez is back with a new single called “Story” — featuring her musical and real-life partner Ori Rousso. “Story,” off her upcoming album “KIDS,” delves into their personal relationship story and served as a kind of therapy session for them both.
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Meet Noga Erez, the Tel Aviv Musician Turning Her Anxiety Into Catchy, Colorful Flows

For a song about the certainty of death, Noga Erez’s latest single “End of the Road” is ridiculously, absurdly fun. While the Tel Aviv singer-songwriter and producer doesn’t know what happens after we pass away, she does know how to craft catchy, colorful flows and punchy, pounding electro-pop hooks. But a new Succulent Session—out today and featured below—proves once again that Erez doesn’t need lush beats to make her music slap.

Show Off Your Studio: Noga Erez makes music with a message at Spring Hill Sonorities

Noga Erez’s music isn’t trivial. The Israeli musician and producer addresses themes of loss, personal relationships, politics, and the connection between parent and child in her upcoming album, KIDS. Despite the serious nature of some of her songs, Noga Erez still delivers gnarly, head-bopping beats, with her partner Oli Rousso getting involved in the production process, too. In this week’s Show Off Your Studio, the duo invites us into Spring Hill Sonorities, where they fell in love with studio icons like the Roland Juno-6 while creating KIDS.
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Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with Noga Erez

Together with American Songwriter, we had the pleasure of interviewing Noga Erez over Zoom video!. Tel-Aviv based artist Noga Erez shares an alternative version of “You So Done,” the third single from her forthcoming second album (details to follow). The stripped-back reimagined live version continues the “Kids Against The Machine” series, following a similarly styled reworking of previous singles “VIEWS,” and “NO news on TV.”

Noga Erez – “End Of The Road”

Tel Aviv pop auteur Nora Erez has been steadily building steam for years now, and judging from its latest single, her new album KIDS might be the moment she pops off for real. Erez spent 2020 trickling out tracks from the LP — “Views,” “NO News On TV,” “You So Done” — all of them bursting with a zippy, almost cartoonish energy that neatly contrasts her lackadaisical sing-spoken vocals. I hear bits of Gorillaz, Fiona Apple, M.I.A., and Billie Eilish in the mix among other things. Her commentary on modern life is sharp. It’s all extremely smart and stylish and fun, and I regret not paying closer attention before today.

Noga Erez Announces New Album KIDS Out March 26th Via City Slang

“makes politically charged dance music — throbbing stuff whose aggressive, cathartic force is only magnified by messages about power and independence”. “Socially and politically conscious with the view to igniting change”. — NOISEY. “Groovy”. — V MAGAZINE. “exudes a self-possessed brand of cool”. — AV Club. Today, singer-songwriter and producer,...