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Noel Gallagher Calls Prince Harry a 'Woke Snowflake'

The Oasis guitarist also slammed Meghan Markle. Noel Gallagher took aim at Prince Harry for publicly criticizing the royal family recently. During an interview with The Sun on Wednesday, the Oasis guitarist -- who famously has a bitter sibling rivalry with former bandmate Liam Gallagher -- weighed in the on drama surrounding Prince Harry, specifically his strained relationship with his older brother Prince William.
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Noel Gallagher Calls Prince Harry a “F—ing Woke Snowflake”

The man who wrote “Don’t Look Back in Anger” has been famously bad about, well, doing exactly that, especially when it comes to the longstanding feud with his brother and former bandmate Liam. It makes sense, then, that he can relate to having to share the spotlight in the U.K. with a sibling you don’t always see eye-to-eye with; perhaps that’s why, in a new interview with The Sun, the Oasis guitarist weighed in on the dispute between Prince Harry and Prince William.
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Noel Gallagher claims pandemic is ‘classless’ because ‘everybody’s in the same boat’

Noel Gallagher has claimed that everyone has shared the same experience during the coronavirus pandemic, calling it a “classless” situation. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, the former Oasis star said he was “sick and tired” of seeing celebrities trying to be positive about lockdown. “My children have really suffered, my wife has suffered,” he said. “It’s been a terrible thing, but no different to anyone else.”“The thing about the pandemic is it’s classless,” he continued. “Everybody’s in the same boat, really. OK, people’s surroundings might be different, you know, I might have a bigger back garden...
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Oasis’ Noel Gallagher Calls Prince Harry a ‘Woke Snowflake’ While Slamming the Royal’s Recent Comments About His Family

Not holding back. Noel Gallagher weighed in on Prince William and Prince Harry’s rocky relationship after dealing with his own sibling rivalry for years. “Prince William. I feel that f–king lad’s pain,” the former Oasis singer, 54, told The Sun on Wednesday, June 9. “He’s got a f–king younger brother shooting his f–king mouth off with s–t that is just so unnecessary.”

Noel Gallagher teases 'acoustic' album

Noel Gallagher's next album is going to be "more acoustic" than his last solo LP. The 54-year-old musician has been busy over the past year writing new songs and he has teased that the record is going back to his Oasis roots as opposed to his last full-length High Flying Birds release, 2017's 'Who Built The Moon?', and his run of EPs which all had a more experimental and dance-tinged sound due to Noel's studio work with producer David Holmes.

Noel Gallagher: “I took an E and then electronic music made sense!”

Ralph Moore speaks to Noel Gallagher about acid house, intoxicated revelations at The Haçienda, and nearly working with the chug master Andrew Weatherall. Noel Gallagher’s new studio in King Cross is fully equipped with memorabilia accurately reflecting his love of The Beatles and classic psychedelia. There are framed Beatles posters aplenty, a motorway sign for Maine Road in Manchester, and, for co(s)mic value, a cardboard cut-out of current Man City boss Pep Guardiola in the corner of the main studio room: as all Oasis and Noel fans know, Noel Gallagher loves football as much as music (and his wife Sara MacDonald) and always will.

Noel Gallagher criticises Prince Harry over rift with Royal Family

Musician Noel Gallagher is obviously not a fan of Prince Harry as he called him some disparaging words during a recent interview about the Royal Family. The singer did not mince his words when he called the Duke of Sussex a "woke snowflake" when asked to comment on the royal's feud with his family. He said he sympathises with Prince William because they share a history of having one's younger brother "shooting his f***ing mouth off with s*** that is just so unnecessary."

Noel Gallagher previews his Shaun Ryder collaboration: “Shaun’s on great form”

Noel Gallagher has spoken about his upcoming collaboration with Shaun Ryder, saying that the Happy Mondays singer is “on great form”. The high-profile collaboration was first revealed to NME by Ryder’s Happy Mondays bandmate Bez back in April, with the percussionist/dancer predicting that the song is “going to be big and going to be number one” and adding: “It’s two Manchester legends singing together and it sounds amazing.”

Noel Gallagher blasts 'woke snowflake' Prince Harry

Noel Gallagher has slammed Prince Harry, describing the 36-year-old royal as a "woke snowflake". Noel Gallagher thinks Prince Harry is a "f****** woke snowflake". The 54-year-old musician thinks Harry has behaved like a “f****** a*******” over recent months, when he's criticised his family on TV and spoken out about his personal experiences of royal life.

Noel Gallagher planning solo Oasis tour

Noel Gallagher is planning a tour in which he only performs Oasis songs, backed by an orchestra. Noel Gallagher is planning a tour in which he only performs Oasis songs. The 'Holy Mountain' singer doesn't worry about his background with his former group when he's working on new material for his solo project, High Flying Birds, but acknowledges fans want to hear some of the tracks he wrote for the 'Live Forever' hitmakers at his gigs, and he's planning to take that one step further by going out on the road with an orchestra to pay tribute to his back catalogue.

Noel Gallagher reveals plans for solo tour of Oasis tracks

Noel Gallagher has revealed he’s planning a tour which will mostly see him performing Oasis tracks. The guitarist explained that he doesn’t focus on his past glories when working on new material for the High Flying Birds, but realises that fans want to hear the tracks that first cemented his reputation.