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Noah Kahan Crafts Perfect Set at The Fillmore

The perfect set, a balance of honesty and vulnerability and energy and sound, is an elusive white whale for many concertgoers and yet for those you wandered into The Fillmore for Noah Kahan found just that. The perfect set making for the perfect night. Singer-songwriter folk pop artist Noah Kahan returned to the stage, delivering a show that has been on repeat in our brains for days.

Review: Noah Kahan returns with cathartic sophomore release ‘I Was / I Am’

Top Tracks: Bad Luck, Someone Like You (ft. Joy Oladokun) In just two years, Noah Kahan’s career has skyrocketed: His music has been streamed over a billion times, and in 2019, he toured the world with his personal inspiration James Bay. For the 24-year-old singer-songwriter, who hails from a tiny Vermont town of only 1,000 people, the transition to fame hasn’t been easy. His long-awaited sophomore album, “I Was / I Am,” offers fans a candid confession of how he’s been changed, for better or for worse. With his signature vivid lyricism and buoyant melodies, Kahan delivers stories of heartbreak, addiction, depression and hope in all of his sardonic and self-deprecating glory. Listeners can feel themselves represented in the ache that Kahan has crafted into sound without compromising the authenticity of his lived experience.
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Noah Kahan Returns with Thoughtful Album ‘I Was / I Am’

Noah Kahan’s latest project, I Was / I Am, represents a deep dive into his psyche and mental life, as the folk-pop artist grapples with his past and present, while also trying to find his inner balance. Kahan’s newest release illustrates the ways he’s grown, both sonically and as an honest and eager songwriter, since his debut album, Busyhead, in 2019. He may have summed up his album best through a recent post on Facebook.

Noah Kahan chats new album, going back home & what comes next

Changes have been the recurring theme which Vermont’s very own, Noah Kahan, has endured in the last couple of years since he released his debut album, Busyhead. Now with the release of his sophomore album, I Was / I Am, the singer-songwriter chats with Variance's Ethan Ijumba regarding these changes he’s faced such as his brief hiatus from music, the inspiration behind his newest album, and his upcoming tour beginning in October.

Noah Kahan Shares Long Awaited Sophomore Album ‘I Was / I Am’

Folk and pop singer and songwriter Noah Kahan has shared his long-awaited sophomore album I Was / I Am. The album arrives today via Republic Records. I Was / I Am keeps in line with Kahan’s succinct album statements, coming in at 10 tracks with a nearly 37 minute run time. Kahan’s 2019 debut album, Busyhead, spread the same amount of songs across 35 and a half minutes.

Noah Kahan Has Done A Lot of Growing and Is Ready To Show the World How Much

Around June 2019, I spoke to singer/songwriter Noah Kahan about his debut album, Busyhead. It was a particular time in his life where he was on the precipice of the stardom that he always wanted. Kahan’s brand of folk-pop spoke candidly about the excitement and the apprehension of leaving the comfort of everything you once knew behind. Like the past year and a half, many of us had some time to do a bit of self-reflection. There were few places to go where we could run to. Perhaps it was back to your old childhood room at your parents. Getting to know the nook and crannies of your living space a bit more intimately. The work always catches up to you. So, confront the darkest parts of yourself and hope you come out on the other side.

Noah Kahan – Part of Me: DJ Pick of the Week

A song about loss and acceptance, “Part of Me”, by Noah Kahan, is a nostalgic ode to post-break-up feelings. The track is off of his upcoming sophomore album I Was/I Am, coming out soon on July 17th. Noah Kahan’s fans, commonly known as busyheads, can expect a more raw and upbeat sound on his new album. We are amped that Rev chose “Part of Me” as his DJ Pick of the Week!