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Haas F1 Driver Mick Schumacher Doesn't Trust Teammate Nikita Mazepin

There's nothing quite like a heated battle for 13th place to bring out the best, or sometimes the worst, in a Formula 1 driver. The latest chapter in the Nikita Mazepin-Mick Schumacher era of the Haas F1 Team resulted in just that on June 6 in Baku, as Mazpin nearly pinched fellow F1 rookie Schumacher into the wall on the last straight of the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku with all the glory that comes with a 13th-place finish on the line.
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Nikita Mazepin Clarifies Military Service Rumours

Nikita MazepinImage credit Haas F1 Team press office. Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin has clarified rumours that he was to complete military service in Russia, revealing that he is working towards completing the required classes along with his university studies.
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Nikita Mazepin may be Russian but he is the perfect American anti-hero

The classic American sports villain knows many forms. Bill Laimbeer was the Detroit Pistons’ elbow-throwing rabble-rouser. Bill Romanowski was the Denver Broncos’ late-hitting loogie spitter. Mike Tyson bit off a guy’s ear. And now there’s Nikita Mazepin, the Formula One racing driver who’s fast tracking as an all-time foil too.

Nikita Mazepin Didn't Finish Last

Nikita Mazepin, who is probably one of the worst Formula 1 drivers of all time, didn’t finish last yesterday in Monaco. He finished second-to-last. Well, maybe fourth-to-last, depending on how you count, as pole-sitter Charles Leclerc didn’t even start the race owing to a bizarre driveshaft issue, while Valtteri Bottas didn’t finish because of a bizarre wheel nut issue. Mick Schumacher, meanwhile, did finish, but, for the first time this season, he finished behind his teammate Mazepin.
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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Nikita Mazepin?

F1's latest heel exposes bigger problems in the championship on and off the track. Nikita Mazepin arrived in Formula 1 under a cloud entirely of his own making. And he's not redeemed himself since. The son of a billionaire oligarch, Mazepin signed with Haas for the 2021 season and promptly...

Nikita Mazepin Is Not Getting Much Better

Nikita Mazepin finished Sunday’s Portugal Grand Prix over a minute behind 18th-placed Nicholas Latifi. Obviously, among the cars that finished, Mazepin was dead last. This is all very funny but also increasingly cringe. Take Mazepin’s radio at the end of the race, for example, in which he and his race engineer try to convince themselves that they had a good day. That was despite Mazepin being shown a number of blue flags throughout the race, or orders to let faster cars behind him pass since he was at least a lap down. On lap 45, he failed to heed one of the blues and held up Sergio Pérez, earning Mazepin a five-second penalty.

Nikita Mazepin lacks respect for F1 etiquette, says Antonio Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi has criticised Nikita Mazepin for disrespectful driving after having his final qualifying lap ruined by the Haas rookie at Imola. At the end of Q1, the opening qualifying segment, Mazepin followed Giovinazzi down the main straight and used the Alfa Romeo's slipstream to overtake into Turn 1. That immediately compromised Giovinazzi's lap, and Mazepin soon made a mistake that ruined his own effort.
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F1 driver Nikita Mazepin admits ‘huge mistake’ after video inappropriately touching woman

Russian Formula One driver Nikita Mazepin has admitted he made a “huge mistake” after he was filmed appearing to inappropriately touch a woman. The incident, which at the time was described by the 22-year-old’s Haas team as “abhorrent”, was posted to Mazepin’s Instagram account in December. The woman, sitting in the back of a car, seemed to reject Mazepin’s action, raising her middle finger. The video was later removed.

Nikita Mazepin thankful for Haas support amid ongoing criticism

Nikita Mazepin says Haas has been very helpful in guiding him through the past few months since he was widely condemned for posting a video on social media. The 21-year-old posted a video of him groping a female in the back of a car in December last year, shortly after being announced as a Haas driver for 2021. Mazepin has received strong criticism for his actions in the time since and continues to do so, and with Haas saying it was dealing with the matter internally he says the team has been extremely supportive.