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What happened to Nikita Dragun? 400-word Instagram post shocks fans

The latest Instagram post from Nikita Nguyen, known professionally as Nikita Dragun, has prompted outpourings of support from her fans, but has also sparked a degree of confusion. What happened to Nikita Dragun?. What happened to Nikita Dragun according to recent Instagram post?. The first in a series of photos...

Nikita Dragun reveals what she’d say to Dave Chappelle amid Netflix controversy

YouTube star Nikita Dragun has responded to the backlash surrounding comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, ‘The Closer,’ and his comments on the transgender community. Comedian Dave Chappelle is currently at the center of controversy after the release of his Netflix special, ‘The Closer,’ due to comments he made during...

Nikita Dragun Wants To Educate Dave Chappelle On Transgender Community

Nikita Dragun wants to take Dave Chappelle to school ... extending an olive branch of sorts, and offering him a chance to get an education on the transgender community. We got the transgender influencer Wednesday at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills and asked her about Dave's controversial LGBTQ+ jokes. Nikita...

Nikita Dragun under fire for “joking about death” with new RIP video

Influencer Nikita Dragun has come under fire after uploading a YouTube video with the title ‘RIP Nikita Dragun,’ with some accusing her of doing it to ‘seek attention.’. Nikita Dragun has been making videos on YouTube since 2013, uploading beauty related content for her 3.6 million subscribers across multiple platforms...

Harry Jowsey addresses Nikita Dragun hookup rumors after music video drama

Influencer Harry Jowsey has addressed rumors he hooked up with YouTuber Nikita Dragun, after an image of him appeared in her new music video ‘D*ck,’ which caused a big stir online. Nikita Dragun is a beauty influencer with over 3 million YouTube subscribers to her name. She’s also very active...

Was Nikita Dragun at the 2021 Met Gala? Comments explained

Nikita Dragun, aka Mother of Draguns, who goes by Venus Xtravaganza on Instagram after the performer whose death in 1988 rendered her a “transgender martyr” – wasn’t at the 2021 Met Gala. But Dragun’s fans, reeling from a temporary ban on Nikita’s Twitter account, reckon she “doesn’t need” it. Influencers...

Nikita Dragun sends scathing response to Taylor Caniff over resurfaced transphobic comments

YouTuber and beauty guru Nikita Dragun has once again spoken out against influencer Taylor Caniff after his previous transphobic comments were brought to light. On June 16, a few video clips of Taylor Caniff went viral on Twitter, which showed the influencer making transphobic remarks against transgender YouTuber Nikita Dragun and even claiming he’d outed her to several security guards at a venue they had both attended.
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Nikita Dragun Wants To Help Other Trans People “Allow Themselves To Be Free”

When Nikita Dragun decided to launch her eponymous brand Dragun Beauty in March 2019, it was out of, among other things, frustration. “I was like, ‘I don't see any girls like me. No one's catering to people like myself,’" she tells Elite Daily during a recent Zoom. Dragun, now a trans CEO and who’s made a name for herself in the beauty industry with her over-the-top, flawlessly executed makeup looks and tutorials, homed in on a hole in the beauty industry she knew she could fill, thanks to her personal experience.

Nikita Dragun Responds to Taylor Caniff's Transphobic Videos

Nikita Dragun has responded to Taylor Caniff's transphobic videos. According to reports, it all started on Tuesday when Taylor posted clips of the beauty YouTuber leaving a club with two men by her side. In the footage — which was uploaded to his "close friends" Instagram Story — the former Vine star can be heard misgendering her and telling a group of men that she was "a dude," despite the fact that Nikita has been openly trans since 2015.

Nikita Dragun Shows How Trans Women Can Be Killed by Bigotry

Model, Influencer and trans icon Nikita Dragun has taken to social media how the actions and words of a fellow influencer potentially put her life at risk. We discuss the dangers for trans women and how sometimes the problems can come from within the community.

Influencer Taylor Caniff responds after his transphobic comments against Nikita Dragun surface online

Influencer Taylor Caniff has published an official response after his transphobic comments about YouTube star Nikita Dragun sparked outrage on social media. Nikita Dragun is one of YouTube’s most celebrated transgender content creators. Known best for her humorous content and her work in the beauty scene, Nikita also gained notoriety for being open with her fanbase about her transition in several popular videos.

The Hottest Spot In Town: Nikita Dragun, AnnaLynne McCord, Pat Sajak All Spotted Arriving At Craig's In West Hollywood — Photos

It was a busy night at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday, June 2, as multiple celebs were spotted making their way into the infamous eatery. Clad in a calf-length leopard blazer and a pair of black leather pants, famous business woman, actress and DJ Caroline D'Amore was seen signing autographs for fans as she made her way into the celeb-frequented spot.