We Know Nigo: Pop Culture's Biggest Stars Showed out for Steven Victor and Nigo's "I Know NIGO" Event (EXCLUSIVE)

"Check out this car right here," Steven Victor told us while excitedly pointing toward a glass case containing a scale model RC car version of the legendary red Ferrari F40, done up in custom Victor Victor Worldwide livery. "I’m going to give it to [Lil] Uzi [Vert]. It goes 130 miles an hour. I’ve got a blue one. My blue one is over there!"
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Nigo And Lil Uzi Vert Go Chain Shopping In Their Boastful ‘Heavy’ Video

Lil Uzi Vert and Nigo take an expensive shopping trip in the video for “Heavy,” from the BAPE designer’s new album, I Know Nigo. They’re joined by ASAP Rocky, who also appears on the album on the songs “Arya” and “Lost And Found Freestyle,” and accompanies them into Jacob & Co. after joining Uzi for some dismissive trash talk outside the store. “Y’all just started getting fly,” Uzi sneers. “Y’all n****s just started coming outside, too,” Rocky confirms. The rest of the video is a blur of bling, with Rocky and Uzi stunting aside a stoic, masked Nigo.

For Nigo, Tyler The Creator Drops “Come On, Let’s Go” With Pharrell

In support of Fashion Icon and recording artist Nigo‘s first release in two decades, Tyler the Creator and Pharrell Williams drop the official visual for their collaboration with the Bape creator from the upcoming album, titled “Come On, Let’s Go.”. Directed by Tyler Okonma, Pharrell himself produces...

Pusha T Links Up With DJ/Bape Founder Nigo for Menacing New Track ‘Hear Me Clearly’

Click here to read the full article. Pusha T has hopped on the latest track from Japanese producer/DJ/streetwear icon Nigo, “Hear Me Clearly.” The track boasts a dusty drum groove and an unnerving loop of queasy bell-like synths that chime off-kilter over the occasional thrum of a bass synth. As always, Pusha’s bars speak for themselves: “Kilogram kick-starter push a brick harder/Left my elbow in the pot a la Vince Carter/Compared to two martyrs but I’m chasing moguls/Bosses meet for Hamachi in the back of Nobu.” “Hear Me Clearly” will appear on Nigo’s upcoming album, I Know Nigo, set to arrive March...

Pusha T Collaborates with Nigo for “Hear Me Clearly”

In case Pusha T’s “Diet Coke” left you wanting more, he has returned with a new single “Hear Me Clearly.” The new single features Nigo, King Push’s longtime friend, and collaborator, and will be found on Nigo’s forthcoming album titled I Know Nigo.

Nigo and Kid Cudi connect on “Want It Bad”

Kid Cudi and Bape founder Nigo have joined forces on a new song titled "Want It Bad." The Pharrell-produced track is the second to be taken from Nigo's upcoming project I Know Nigo after A$AP Rocky collaboration "Arya." Nigo founded A Bathing Ape in 1993, launched Human Made in 2010,...

Kid Cudi teams up with Nigo for euphoric new track ‘Want It Bad’

Kid Cudi has teamed up with DJ and Bape founder Nigo for a brand new single called ‘Want It Bad’ – listen to it below. Produced by Pharrell, it’s the second preview of Nigo’s upcoming album, ‘I Know Nigo’. The first track to be released from the project was last month’s A$AP Rocky-featured ‘Ayra’.

Kid Cudi Joins Bape Founder Nigo for Aspirational Single ‘Want It Bad’

Click here to read the full article. Kid Cudi has teamed up with Japanese DJ and streetwear icon Nigo for a new single, “Want It Bad.” The joint track, which comes off Nigo’s forthcoming album I Know Nigo, is Kid Cudi’s first release of 2022. The vibe-heavy song sees Cudi reflecting on his success living out long-held dreams. On the track’s hook, he croons, “I want it bad/I’m finally on the up and up/Cannot stop, can’t have enough/I want it bad.” I Know Nigo, which finds Pharrell joining forces with Nigo as executive producer, is set for release on March 25 via...