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'Solos' Star Nicole Beharie on Loving Anthology Series, The Show's Twists and Turns, and Being Narrated by Morgan Freeman

From creator David Weil, the seven-part Amazon Prime Video original anthology series Solos is an exploration of what it means to be human and all of the emotions that come with that, spanning across the present and future. Human connection can and does take many forms and often intertwines with technology in different ways, whether through time travel, A.I. bots, smart homes, fertility treatments or memory transplants. The series stars Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Dan Stevens and Constance Wu.
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Nicole Beharie discusses making her ‘Solos’ episode ‘tonally so different’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“It’s about control,” reveals Nicole Beharie about her episode of the science fiction anthology “Solos” by Amazon. “I really related to that,” explains the actress in her in her exclusive interview with Gold Derby (watch the video above). Beharie’s single episode is titled “Nera” after her character and sees her giving birth at home during a nighttime blizzard. Beharie continues about its themes, “The way that you intend something and then the way that it actually comes out or the way that people take it in — that’s her journey. The thing that she’s been waiting for, it comes out and she’s like, ‘This is not what I had in mind’ and then how do you deal with that?”
Picture for Nicole Beharie discusses making her ‘Solos’ episode ‘tonally so different’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]
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After ‘Miss Juneteenth,’ Nicole Beharie Explores Themes of Pandemic Life in ‘Solos’

When Nicole Beharie was approached about the Amazon Prime project “Solos,” she had been away from her Brooklyn apartment ever since the pandemic hit, holed up in Georgia near where she has family. She didn’t even know if working was safe, or what the future of the industry was going to look like. But telling a story about resilience and human connection felt especially important, and so she called on herself to be brave.
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Nicole Beharie Swears This Mascara Is the Best for Full Lashes

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you've ever skipped watching a science-fiction series because you thought the genre wasn't for you, Nicole Beharie makes a compelling case for why it's worth reconsidering. “I love everything sci-fi," the Miss Juneteenth and 42 actor tells me over Zoom. “I just think it leads people to talk about so many things in an interesting way, and to imagine ourselves in new situations. It's so expansive.”
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10 Questions with Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie is no stranger to taking on difficult roles. And her latest, Solos (out now on Amazon Prime), certainly fits the bill. In the anthology series, each character must deal with intense isolation and loneliness but with a sci-fi twist. For her part, Beharie plays Nera, a pregnant woman on the brink of giving birth, but totally by herself. She’s part of an all-star cast with Uzo Aduba, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, and Constance Wu.

Nicole Beharie Swears By This Ingredient To Nourish Her Curls — And She Grows It Herself

It’s not often that that the intersection of protective styling and relaxed hair is discussed, but for actress Nicole Beharie, star of Sleepy Hollow, Miss Juneteenth, and Black Mirror, it’s exactly what defined her childhood. “I remember back in the day when I wore braids and twists and people would make comments about it being nappy,” Beharie tells TZR. “My mother's Jamaican and people used to think that it was like an immigrant thing.” And while Beharie’s mother instilled in her the beauty and versatility of protective styling, she didn’t always embrace those options with her own hair. “My hair was actually relaxed growing up because my mom found my hair to be more manageable with it,” she says. “But even though I had a relaxer, I never wore it straight.”

Nicole Beharie: Playing Troubled Roles Helps Me Decompress

The actress will portray a mother raising an unusual son in the upcoming anthology series 'Solos' on Amazon Prime. Nicole Beharie is one of eight actors starring in Amazon Prime’s upcoming anthology series Solos which explores various aspects of the human experience while in isolation. In her episode, Beharie plays Nera, a woman who becomes pregnant after using a futuristic fertility treatment. However, soon after the birth of her son, she notices he’s not like other little boys.

'Solos': Watch An Exclusive Preview Of Nicole Beharie In Amazon's Anthology Series

Shadow and Act has an exclusive preview of Nicole Beharie's episode of the upcoming Amazon anthology series, Solos. The series also stars Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Uzo Aduba, Anthony Mackie, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu. The description: Solos is a dramatic and thought-provoking seven-part anthology series that explores...
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Nicole Beharie embraces imperfection in life and in her ‘Miss Juneteenth’ character

When Nicole Beharie reflects on “Miss Juneteenth,” she gets philosophical. “There’s this idea, this Japanese philosophy: wabi-sabi. It’s sort of reminding yourself what’s essential, simple and imperfect, and in flux. If you have a ceramic or something and there’s a crack in it, you would paint, like, gold wherever the cracks are to show that there’s beauty in that; the sort of beautiful and broken,” the actress says by video call. “I feel like I walked away with that awareness ... we’re all wonky as hell, chipped and cracked, and maybe if we paint gold in those places and stop trying to hide them and not look at our past, maybe we can move forward.
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Nicole Beharie on Why Her Gotham Award Win for ‘Miss Juneteeth’ Was a ‘Wake-Up Call’

For Nicole Beharie, playing former pageant queen and single mother Turquoise Jones in “Miss Juneteenth” has been one of the most intimate experiences in her 13-year career. In the film, from director Channing Godfrey Peoples, Beharie’s character enters her teenage daughter into the titular pageant despite her daughter’s initial disinterest — but ultimately, both are changed for the better by the experience. Beharie’s career, too, was changed: She won the best actress prize at the Gotham Awards in January.

Nicole Beharie Gets Awards Love For 'Miss Juneteenth'

For the full story, click here. “Miss Juneteenth” star Nicole Beharie has won a Gotham Award, the Hollywood Association Critics Game-Changer Award, and has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her performance. We revisit host Tonya Mosley’s conversation with Beharie which aired on Juneteenth 2020. This article was...
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SAG Predictions: Best Actress – Nicole Beharie Won the Gothams On the First Day of Voting, Did It Matter?

Variety's Awards Circuit is home to the official predictions for the upcoming Oscars from Film Awards Editor Clayton Davis. Following Academy Awards history, buzz, news, reviews and sources, the Oscar predictions are updated regularly with the current year's contenders in all categories. Variety's Awards Circuit Prediction schedule consists of four phases, running all year long: Draft, Pre-Season, Regular Season and Post Season. Eligibility calendar and dates of awards will determine how long each phase lasts and will be displayed next to revision date.
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‘Miss Juneteenth’ Star Nicole Beharie Says Film Shines Spotlight on People Not Usually Seen

In writer-director Channing Godfrey Peoples’ debut feature, Miss Juneteenth, Nicole Beharie stars as Turquoise Jones, a single mom to teenager Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) living in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Balancing two jobs, Turquoise does her best to set high standards for her daughter, hoping Kai will stray from her own path and go off to college and seek a career. What will set Kai on that path (or so Turquoise believes) is the local Miss Juneteenth pageant, an event that honors the historic day — June 19, 1865 — when enslaved people in Texas finally learned about the Emancipation Proclamation two years after the fact. The pageant also earns the winner a college scholarship, a prize that Turquoise herself won as a teen when she was crowned Miss Juneteenth before her unexpected pregnancy derailed the future she envisioned for herself.