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Alleged financier for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says he fears being extradited to the US

(CNN) — He claims he was tortured by the authorities in Cape Verde and that even worse punishments await him if he is extradited to the United States. Alex Saab, the Colombian businessman who's also said to be a 'financier' and 'front man' of embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, told CNN in an exclusive interview from his detention site in Cape Verde that he has no doubts about what will happen to him if sent to America.
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Canada has confirmed its support for the case before the International Criminal Court against the Nicolas Maduro regime for human rights violations

Canada’s Foreign Ministry indicated Thursday that in 2018, in 2018, together with many countries, the International Criminal Court (ICC) had denounced numerous cases of grave human rights violations committed by the Nicolás Maduro regime. And they constitute crimes against humanity. The letter (also signed by the governments of Colombia, Chile,...
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Steven Seagal Gifts Samurai Sword to Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro

Hollywood star Steven Seagal has given the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro a gift that would not be out of place in one of the action movies he has starred in. Dressed all in black but minus COVID protection, Seagal was shown on Venezuelan state television meeting a masked Maduro with a fist bump at the presidential palace in Caracas.

Venezuela: Journalists and activists detained under Nicolas Maduro regime released after 25 hours of enforced disappearance

Venezuelan journalists Luis Gonzalo Perez and Rafael Hernandez were released this Thursday after more than 25 hours detained by agents of the Nicolas Maduro regime, including fighting between the military and a group identified as FARC protesters by several voluntary organizations. Two journalists, from the Colombian television network NDN24Activists Juan...

Nicolas Maduro applies the first dose of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine

(CNN Español) – The Venezuelan president who has been asked, Nicolas Maduro, applied his first dose of Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine on Saturday with his wife, Vice President Cilia Flores. My first dose. After receiving the vaccine, the President said, “I am vaccinated.” Likewise, he stated that “he will guarantee all...
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Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro touts 'miracle' cure for Covid, provides no evidence

CARACAS, Venezuela—Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro appears to be counting on yet another “miracle” to save his citizens from Covid-19, promoting a secretive solution with no published scientific evidence he claims will conquer the new coronavirus. “Ten drops under the tongue every four hours and the miracle is done,” Maduro said...
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Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro sends oxygen to tackle Brazil's Covid crisis

Venezuela’s strongman president, Nicolás Maduro, has sent an emergency shipment of oxygen to his country’s border with Brazil in a politically charged gesture he said was to help alleviate “Jair Bolsonaro’s public health disaster”. In recent days the Brazilian state of Amazonas, which borders southern Venezuela, has been plunged into...

Alex Chop: Nicolas Maduro seeks immunity for Saab with a new position – Intelligence

Attack of the Nicolas Maduro regime To free Alex Chapman from Barranquilla, Prisoner in Cape Verde, it’s not just the judiciary. TIME installed it on December 26th Decided to promote him through the diplomatic ladder closed by international agreements and treaties, Includes a court order issued by the West African Court of Justice (EGOAs) ordering Cape Verde to be placed under house arrest.