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Stoner Movie Review: Nick Robinson Plays Ross Ulbricht in 'Silk Road'

Ross Ulbricht wanted to change the world. The creator of the Silk Road website is the subject of the Silk Road biopic directed by Tiller Russell. Ulbricht is played by Nick Robinson. For several years before it was shut down, Silk Road allowed consumers to buy drugs on the Internet...
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A Teacher’s Kate Mara and Nick Robinson Talk Surprising Reactions to Their On-Screen Relationship

Kate Mara and Nick Robinson of FX on Hulu’s A Teacher talk to Awards Daily about reactions to the show and their on-screen relationship. When it came to putting together a provocative TV drama about an illicit relationship between a teacher and a student, one important quality FX on Hulu’s A Teacher series creator Hannah Fidell looked for was chemistry between leads Kate Mara [who also served as executive producer] and Nick Robinson, so she set them up on a coffee date.
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High Street newsagent called 'Baseball Bhatt' by Boris Johnson dies from Covid: Celebrities including Clive Anderson and Nick Robinson pay tribute to shopkeeper, 61, who once confronted a drunk thief with a bat he kept under his counter

Throughout the pandemic, there have been hundreds of thousands of people just like Harendra Bhatt, carrying on working on the front line, day in day out. Having never closed in 35 years, the newsagent with a welcome smile, who would get up at 4.30am every day, wasn’t going to stop serving customers.
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Nick Robinson on Dark-Web Drama ‘Silk Road’ and the Future of ‘Love, Victor’

Nick Robinson, the wholesome, all-American-seeming star of “Love, Simon” and “Jurassic World,” plays an unlikely drug trafficker in “Silk Road.”. The film tells the true story of Ross Ulbricht’s unlikely rise to fortune and infamy as the founder a dark web market. Dubbed the Silk Road, Ulbricht’s creation gave users the ability to buy everything from illegal narcotics to firearms and triggered an international manhunt that eventually led to his arrest and 2015 conviction. Robinson was drawn to playing Ulbricht because he wanted to explore how this libertarian true believer lost his moral compass. “Silk Road,” which is is directed by Tiller Russell and co-stars Jason Clarke, is currently available on-demand. Robinson spoke to Variety about how he prepared to play Robinson, what he thinks of his ideology, as well as what’s next for “Love, Victor,” the Hulu spinoff of “Love, Simon” that he guest starred on and produced.

Nick Robinson on ‘Silk Road’ and Carrying the Torch for ‘Jurassic Park’

Nick Robinson knew he wouldn’t have access to Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht, but he had the next best thing: his chat logs. Adapted from David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article, Dead End on Silk Road, Robinson stars as Ulbricht in Tiller Russell’s Silk Road, which chronicles the quick rise and fall of the twenty-something millennial and his black market version of eBay. With years’ worth of transcripts and journal entries at his disposal, Robinson was able to track Ulbricht’s innermost thoughts as he fell deeper and deeper into the illicit community he created.
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How Silk Road’s Nick Robinson Prepared To Play Ross Ulbricht Without Meeting Him

Tiller Russell’s latest film, Silk Road, starring Nick Robinson and Jason Clarke, tells the true story of Ross Ulbricht from the creation of the narcotic-selling website Silk Road to his arrest. When actors portray real people, it can be seen as less challenging because there is direct material to inform the personality and a real live person to mimic, but also more challenging because there is a person to compare the performance to and judge its authenticity. Nick Robinson opened up about how he prepared to play Ross Ulbricht without meeting him.
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'Silk Road' Review: Nick Robinson plays Austin cyber kingpin Ross Ulbricht in the film that blends fact with fiction

SILK ROAD (2021) Jason Clarke, Nick Robinson, Katie Aselton, Jimmi Simpson, Alexandra Shipp, Daniel David Stewart, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Lexi Rabe, Will Ropp, Paul Walter Hauser. Directed by Tiller Russell. Based on a Rolling Stone article by David Kushner, various pieces of investigative journalism, and writer-director Tiller Russell’s imagination, “Silk Road”...
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Valparaiso’s Nick Robinson says he was told to play or opt out — something coach Matt Lottich says wasn’t the case. But with COVID-19 concerns and a newborn son, the guard stepped away this season.

Days are no longer filled with basketball practices and games for Nick Robinson. He replaced those with changing diapers and cradling. “It’s a blessing,” he said of the Jan. 9 birth of his son. Like other athletes, Robinson was trying his best to navigate the risks of COVID-19 and competing...

Golden Globes spotlight: Can Nick Robinson turn snub for ‘Love, Simon’ into nom for ‘A Teacher’?

Nick Robinson was forecast to snag his career-first Golden Globe Award nomination for 2018’s coming-of-age dramedy film “Love, Simon” in comedy/musical actor, but he ended up missing out. Now, he is giving it another go, this time in the limited series/TV movie actor category for FX/Hulu’s miniseries “A Teacher,” which features an awards-worthy performance from the actor.

Trailer: Nick Robinson In “Silk Road”

Lionsgate Movies has premiered the trailer for Tiller Russell’s “Silk Road,” the crime thriller about the infamous drug-selling darknet site. Nick Robinson stars as Ross Ulbricht, the idealistic young man who creates the internet’s first unregulated marketplace: Silk Road. When it becomes a multimillion-dollar pipeline for illicit drugs, Ross is...

‘Silk Road’ Trailer: Nick Robinson Is An Internet Drug Kingpin With Jason Clarke On His Trail

If you’ve heard of the cybercriminal “Dread Pirate Roberts”, then you know the story of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road. Ulbricht ran what became known as the “Amazon for drugs” through the dark web, and for a couple of years until the FBI and DEA took him on a load of Internet and narcotics charges. Ulbricht’s criminal schemes have been documented in books, such as Nick Bilton’s American Kingpin, and in David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article, the latter which will serve the basis for the upcoming film, Silk Road.

‘Silk Road’ Trailer: Jason Clarke & Nick Robinson Star In True Story Of The Infamous Website

The Internet is just like everything else, full of potential but easily corruptible in the right hands. For one creative mind, the pathways to both collided in an unforgettable venture. Now, the story of its creation and eventual downfall is chronicled in “Silk Road.” Anyone who might have overlooked the similarly named website’s presence would be excused for missing out; it was a marketplace filled with illegalities. In time this virtual hiding place would be on the radar of more than curious thrillseekers and worldly criminals.

'Silk Road' Trailer: Nick Robinson Runs the "Amazon for Drugs" as Jason Clarke Closes In

I've read many books during my time in quarantine, and one of the very best was Nick Bilton's American Kingpin, which told the story of the infamous Silk Road and its founder Ross Ulbricht, as well as the law enforcement officials who took him down, including cop who wound up becoming a criminal himself. I finished the book in two days, if memory serves, and then I remembered there was a Silk Road movie on the way starring Nick Robinson as Ulbricht.
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Silk Road Trailer Features Nick Robinson as an Internet Drug Lord

Jason Clarke lionsgate Nick Robinson Silk Road video. Silk Road Trailer Features Nick Robinson as an Internet Drug Lord. Lionsgate Movies has released the official Silk Road trailer for their upcoming crime thriller film, featuring Nick Robinson as his character runs an Amazon-like drug-selling website while Jason Clarke’s character tries to hunt him down. The film will arrive in select theaters, on digital and on VOD on February 19, 2021. Check out the video in the player below!

Nick Robinson claims Valparaiso gave 'play at DePaul or opt out' ultimatum; Matt Lottich says Crusaders have offered support

VALPARAISO — Nick Robinson has opted out of the remainder of the 2020-21 college basketball season. The Valparaiso senior made the decision following the birth of his son, Noah, earlier this month and after conversations with Valparaiso coach Matt Lottich, where Robinson asserts he felt pressured to play in a game at DePaul or to opt out of the season.