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TV tonight: cyber laughs with David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed

David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed return for a second season of their tech espionage comedy, pairing slick National Security Agency man Jerry Bernstein (Schwimmer) with hapless GCHQ recruit Joseph Harries (Mohammed). Having only just avoided extradition to the US on charges of treason, Jerry, in tonight’s opening double bill, now has to stop Russian intelligence from utilising a cybersecurity weapon he helped to design. Things become more complicated when they realise there might be a Russian mole in their midst. Ammar Kalia.
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What’s on TV tonight: David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed return for round two of GCHQ comedy Intelligence

As sweetly nostalgic as it was to see the cast of Friends reunited, better still to see them thriving now, David Schwimmer’s peripatetic career since shedding Ross Geller alighting again in Nick Mohammed’s cheerfully silly (think Airplane! for an idea of the gag rate) espionage comedy. We left Schwimmer’s Jerry Bernstein, the NSA agent seconded to GCHQ in Cheltenham, narrowly avoiding being extradited back to the US to face treason charges thanks to the intervention of boss Christine (Sylvestra Le Touzel). Now cyber terrorists have targeted Hinkley Point, and only Jerry among the incompetents staffing this version of GCHQ can save the day.

Intelligence - Season 2 - First Look Sky Trailer and Press Release feat David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed

Sky today releases the official trailer for Intelligence 2, a Sky Original comedy returning to Sky One and streaming service NOW from 8 June. At the end of the first series of Intelligence, we saw NSA agent Jerry Bernstein (David Schwimmer) narrowly avoid being extradited back to the States to face charges of treason. Indebted to his boss Christine (Sylvestra Le Touzel) for stepping in to protect him at the last minute - albeit with ulterior motives - we start series 2 with Jerry on the back foot. However when it’s revealed that the Russians have got their hands on a cyberweapon that Jerry was instrumental in developing, his intel suddenly becomes vital to national, if not international, security. Facing some demons from his past along the way, by the end of episode 1 he is firmly back in his alpha male comfort zone and heralded a hero.
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Nick Mohammed: ‘Paul Daniels was inspiring and a brilliant host’

It may not be the coolest answer but The Paul Daniels Magic Show was probably the show that was most influential to me as a kid. It was a classic magic variety show, proper Saturday-night family viewing, which I came to when I was around eight years old when magic was in its prime, attracting millions of viewers. It introduced me to the world of magic and I quickly became hooked. I got my first magic set shortly after and would always ask for a new magic book or magic trick for my birthday and at Christmas.