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Nick Kroll: What To Watch If You Like The Actor And Comedian

Every comedian has their own unique sense of humor and you can usually identify it as a kind of signature. This is definitely true for Nick Kroll, whose recognizable voice and humor has basically taken over its own corner of Hollywood’s comedy scene. In addition to being a comedian and actor, he also writes and produces many of his own projects. We’ve collected the very best of Kroll, and where you can watch the hilarious movies and shows from the comedian.
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Shame Wizards and Ambition Gremlins With Nick Kroll

Big Mouth and Human Resources creator (and Dave’s old friend!) Nick Kroll is back on the show to talk about new projects, new parenthood, and all the internal juggling and existential turmoil these achievements entail. Also: Staten Island pub crawls, working with Mel Brooks on History of the World, Part II, making babies use Waze, appeasing your inner demons, terrible kitchen analogies, the person you are at work vs. the person you are at home, watching The Exorcist at age 5, and constructing the ultimate new-dad cooler.
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Nick Kroll and Aidy Bryant’s Advice on the Awkward Parts of Life

Nick Kroll co-created, writes for, and performs more than thirty voices on the Emmy-nominated animated Netflix series “Big Mouth,” which explores puberty, sex, and growing up. His new animated Netflix series, “Human Resources,” a spinoff of “Big Mouth,” stars Aidy Bryant, Maya Rudolph, Randall Park, Hugh Jackman, and Keke Palmer, among others. The comedy, which is set in the workplace and tackles the journey from youth to old age, will be released on March 18th. Kroll is also slated to write and executive-produce the film sequel “History of the World, Part II.”

Interview: Nick Kroll on enjoying the free rein of voicing Uncle Fester in The Addams Family 2

Despite his prolific status within comedy, chances are you’re likely to recognise Nick Kroll‘s voice before seeing him in person. Biding his time between family fare – just this last month he was heard as Gunter in the animated Sing 2 – and more adult aimed comedy – if you’ve laughed at either Coach Steve, Maury the Hormone Monster or Lola on Netflix’s Big Mouth then you’re enjoying his work – Kroll’s latest role is a mixture of the two, voicing the ghoulish Uncle Fester in the absurd, supernatural animated comedy sequel The Addams Family 2.

Things to do in Phoenix in January: Nick Kroll, 'Waitress,' Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

If you’re lucky enough to be in metro Phoenix during the peak event season of winter, there are plenty of things to do throughout January. Whether you are in town for a special event, such as the Barrett-Jackson’s car auction in Scottsdale, or you’re a local who is looking for something to do with the family, there are a variety of live performances, arts festivals and expos to check out. ...

Voice actor Nick Kroll talks about Sing 2

The sequel to a popular children's musical arrives in theaters Wednesday. Good Day talked to Nick Kroll, one of the stars of Sing 2, for a preview.
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Nick Kroll and Jason Mantzoukas Have All Kinds of Chemistry

The comedians Nick Kroll and Jason Mantzoukas have been friends for nearly two decades—they met after orbiting each other in the fizzy New York comedy scene of the early two-thousands, and cemented their bond over sandwiches at an old-school diner in Manhattan. Kroll is best known as a co-creator, writer, and star of the adult animated series “Big Mouth,” in which he voices Nick Birch, a protagonist loosely based on his teen-age self, as well as a smorgasbord of tertiary characters, including a foul-mouthed ladybug, a box of tampons, and a chain-smoking Statue of Liberty. If Kroll is distinguished by his formidable vocal skills and talent for mimicry, Mantzoukas is striking for his physicality: onscreen, he nearly vibrates with pent-up energy, eyes wide and hair corkscrewing in all directions. He has carved out a niche for himself playing chaotic, borderline unsettling eccentrics like the ex-detective Adrian Pimento on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and the glitch-ridden Derek on “The Good Place.” (As he put it to me, and to the creators of one sitcom in which he was vying for a part, “I happen to play a great maniac.”)